New Digs

So, I am all in, unpacked and somewhat organized. I’m still back and forth between Victoria and Van for the next few weeks, but am looking forward to 14 days from now when I head over and don’t look back (for a while at least). What hump did you dominate today? Mine was moving, and … More New Digs

My Life, In Boxes

Goooood morning! Something worked yesterday on my veggie overdose, because today, I’m feeling about 25% better, it might not seem like a lot, but it was enough to fling myself up out of bed at 5:45am this morning to put my running shoes on, laundry in the machine and my butt out the door to … More My Life, In Boxes

Stop the Clocks

I need to have a nap, then I need to finish packing, I need to not be in class, I need to finish up my assignment that’s due today, and I need to start on the assignment that’s due tomorrow.  I could use a little break, and a day where I don’t wake up to … More Stop the Clocks