Dear Diary

In here you’ll find a peek into my daily activities (or lack of- rare, but it happens).

Right now I’m training for the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon October 10, 2010;  in here will be a look into my training as well as what I do on the side of that for strength and conditioning.  Sometimes I’ll choose to count power walks, other days I won’t.  It just depends on how much credit I feel like giving myself and how hard it was for me to get out the door to get them done!

I also believe in active living. You should just move throughout your day on top of your normal exercise- I truly appreciate exercise and believe that my ability to move is a gift (one which I won’t ever take for granted again).

October 10- GoodLife Victoria Marathon

July 4- 16km, 1h25 (too fast, but I’ll be with my new group come July 18th which should sort that out)
July 3- Grouse Grind
July 2- 2 hour power walk
July 1- 50minute run, Shred level 2
June 30- OFF, moving day
June 29- 8km, Jillian’s Yoga

June 28- NMTZ, 1hour power walk
June 27- 13km, 1h20
June 26- 1h30 power yoga, 1hour power walk
June 25- 8km
June 24- 10km, 46minutes
June 23- 13km, NMTZ
June 22- Off
June 21- 43 minute run, my first Jillian Michaels vid (NMTZ)
June 20- Nap. (plus a 1h power walk)
June 19- Kusam Klimb like a marathon, only 5000ft up and I hurt more then I did after my last marathon!
June 18- 1h30 min power flow; so bad ass I was drip sweating
June 17- 45 minute run w/ 12 sets of stairs- burning calves
June 16- 50minute run, 2h walk, 1 h yoga (I had nothing to do this week, boredom= walk)
June 15- Run 45min, 30min weights, 1h yoga
June 14- 1Hour power walk, 1 hour flow yoga
June 13- 35minute run, walked all day shopping 10am-4pm
June 12- Hotel Gym- 20min Elliptical, 20min Stair master, 20min weights
June 11- 40min run, 1h30 power yoga
June 10- 1 Hour run, 45minute hike
June 9- OFF (traveling)
June 8- OFF (traveling)
June 8- 37 minute easy jog
June 7- 37minute run
June 6- 1hour run with 7 big hills thrown in for good measure
June 5- 1h45 bike ride, 45 min yoga
June 4- 40 minutes on the elliptical, intervals. 20 minutes superset weights (lunges/upper body work)
June 3- 1 hour run with 12 sets of stairs (up two from the last time I did them!)
June 2- 1hour hot power flow yoga
June 1st- p90X kenpo X; 75minute hot power flow

May- Half Marathon May 16th!

May 31- 37minute run; 1h Hot flow yoga
May 30- Day 9 Detox- 1h30min Run
May 29- Day 8 Detox- P90X KenpoX; 1h30 hatha flow
May 28- Day 7 Detox 40 minute easy run, abs
May 27- Day 6 Detox 40 minute elliptical, 20min weights, 1h hot yoga
May 26- Day 5 Detox 37 minute run- exhausted
May 25- Day 4 Detox- Off/Travelling
May 24- Day 3 Detox- Off/Travelling
May 23- Day 2 Detox- 1h50min bike ride
May 22- Day 1 of Detox, Run 55minutes, 1h30 Hatha Flow

May 21- Run 45minutes
May 20th- 75minute run, 10 sets of stairs to the point where I have had sore legs for 3 days
May 19th- OFF
May 18th- 75minute power flow, 1h30 power walk
May 17th- Grouse Grind
May 16- Kool Half Marathon 1h44
May 15- 20minute jog, 75minute hot yoga
May 14- 75minute power flow
May 13- OFF
May 12- Run 53mnins, 1hour hot flow yoga
May 11- 75minute hot yoga
May 10th- 47 minute run, legs are feeling decent, which is a bonus!
May 9th- 1h15 hike/run (it’s a workout)
May 8th- 1h Run, 1h30 power flow

May 7- 45minute run, 20 sun salutations (when in rome..)
May 6- 1 hour bike ride, 1 hour power flow yoga
May 5- 27minute run- painful
May 4th- 1hour “power walk”
May 3rd- OFF
May 2nd- BMO Vancouver Marathon 3h44.07
May 1st- 25minute easy jog

April- Marathon May 2

April 30th- Off
April 29- 20minute run, 60min flow yoga
April 28- Run Club 45mins 8x1min half marathon pace included
April 27- 75minute power flow yoga
April 26- 35min run
April 25th- 1h22 run, 60minute moksha flow
April 24th- 90minute hatha flow, 1h30 power walk
April 23rd- 45minute run, 60minute hatha flow
April 22nd- DAY OFF
April 21st- Run: 15min warm up, 3x10min half mara pace, 2 min rest between, 15min cool down; 60min hot power flow
April 20th- DAY OFF
April 19th- 40minute easy run, 75min Moksha yoga
April 18th- 60min moksha flow, 1hr30 power walk
April 17th- 1h50min run, 75minute moksha yoga

April 16th- 50minute run, 75min hot power flow
April 15th- 1h30 walk with lot’s of hills
April 14- Run Clinic- 7 Sisters (7 killer hills) 45min Elliptical intervals, 10min treadmill- damn knee
April 13- 35minute run, 75minute power flow yoga
April 12th- walk 1h30
April 11th- 45min elliptical, 45 upper body workout (supersets with lunges and abs- so more full body in reality)
April 10th- 3h long run, easy
April 9th- 40minute easy run
April 8- Off
April 7- Intervals- 20min warm up, 3x10minute at 1/2 marathon pace, 2min rest between, 15minute cool down- I was done in 1h10

April 6th- 35minute run- I did a couple hundred lunges the day before- little did I know my legs would be in PAIN the next day- not happy
April 5th- 45min run, 50minute circuit training class
April 4rd- 2hour power walk (seriously exhausting)
April 3rd- 2h45 minute run- it was long, and painful
April 2nd- 45min upperbody BFL workout, 20min intervals on treadmill, 25 intervals on elliptical
April 1st- Day of rest


March 31st- Spin Class 50minutes
March 30th- 30minutes Elliptical, 45min Upper BFL workout
March 29th- 51 minute run, abs
March 28th- 2hr walk
March 27th- Long Run 2h35, no idea of the distance
March 26th- 45minutes on treadmill (in place of yesterdays workout), BFL upper body workout
March 25th- Off- Sick and needing to recover for the long run
March 24th- Run Club- 15min warm up, 6x1200m at 10k tempo pace, 15min cool down
March 23- CardioX and 1hr power walk
March 22- 1hr run and abs
March 21st- 1h15 circuit class at my studio, 1hr power walk
March 20- Long run (rest week) 1h30
March 19- 1hr run
March 18- PlyoX
March 17- Run 1hr and 60min yoga
March 16- Off
March 15- Spin
March 14- Long run 2h20 no idea about distance
March 13- Off
March 12- Spin and Yoga
March 11th- Interval training on treadmill 55minutes
March 10- Spin and abs
March 9- 33minute run
March 8- Spin and Abs 1hr
March 7- 30min run, 20min lunges, pushups etc. in the HEAT
March 6- Off
March 5- 26km in 2h13
March 4- can’t remember
March 3- can’t remember
March 2nd- 50minute Spin class
March 1st- 47minute run, 50minute weight circuit


March 6- sitting on a plane working my biceps as I drink my way to Mexico!

March 5- 26km run, 2h15- so freaking long!
March 4- 45minute run, abs
March 3- PlyoX and Abs
March 2- 50minute spin class
March 1- 47minute run, abs, 50minute circuit

Feb 28th- 75minute power flow class- extra sweaty today- loved it!
Feb 27th- 1h45min 19km long run (2x10min tempo pace in there)
Feb 26th- Run 40minutes, 50minute circuit (weights)
Feb 25th- Run 30minutes easy
Feb 24- Run: 20min warm up, 2x10min 10k tempo w/5min rest between, 15min cool down; 45minute circuit, 75min hatha flow
Feb 23rd- abs and off
Feb 22nd- 45minute run, abs & 75minute power flow yoga

Feb 21st- 75minute Drill Class at the studio
Feb 20th- Long Run: 1h30min run, 15km
Feb 19th- 47minute run, 45 minutes upper body
Feb 18th- 30min run, 35 minute boxing circuit, 1hr power walk
Feb 17th- 1h7min run (20min warm up, 6x800m at 3k pace- 3min 800s for me, 15min cool down), and ZUMBA
Feb 16th- 75minute power flow
Feb 15th- Run 40minutes, 45 minute ass kicking at the studio

Feb 14th- Off
Feb 13th- 22km run, 2x5min tempo & 1x10minute tempo (10k pace), 1h58
Feb 12th- 47minute run, 30minutes arms
Feb 11th- OFF
Feb 10th- Fartlek Workout- 20min warm up- 2x (30sec, 1min, 1min30sec, 1min, 30sec) 15minute cool down
Feb 9- 1h15 full body weight workout
Feb 8- 1hr easy run (12.5k)

Feb 7- 75minute power flow
Feb 6- 1h35min run- lot’s of hills on this training run- we were supposed to do 1h45, but ended up being a bit fast I think
Feb 5- 50minute circuit class at the studio, have not been there for a while!
Feb 4- 47 minute run (probably around 9 or 10k), 40minute circuit
Feb 3- Hill workout (1h3min), it was brutal!
February 2nd- 75minute power flow yoga
February 1st- 47min run, abs and taught bootcamp (another couple K)


January 31st- 1h15 circuit class at the gym- have not been in ages, it was tough!
January 30th- Run Clinic- 1h30min (16km) and 75 minute power flow
January 29th- PlyoX with my lover, Tony and 2hour power walk
January 28th- OFF- I needed it!
January 27th- 2 sunny power walks (2.5hrs maybe), and run clinic (track-pyramid)
January 26th- 45min jog, 75 minute power flow
January 25th- 54minute 12k run, abs and 1h power walk
January 24- OFF (walked for an hour, but was BEAT)
January 23- Run 1h11, Full field hockey game at centre forward

January 22nd- weight circuit and walk
January 21st- 43minute run with heavy legs, and abs
January 20th- (11 Months till my birthday, woop!) Run Clinic- 55mins, with track intervals
January 19th- 55minute power flow, 50minute cardio/strength circuit training
January 18th- Run 58minutes, 20minutes pilates abs

January 17th- OFF! Completely!
January 16th- 63min run (with Run Club), 75Minute Vinyasa Flow
January 15th- Circuit Training 55mins, Moksha Yoga 75mins
January 14th- Hill Run 49mins
January 13th- 57min Run, Power Walk
January 12th- Power Flow Yoga for 60minutes

January 11th- Ran for 59minutes
January 10th- participated at a 90minute drill class
January 9th- Field Hockey Game, played the full 70minutes!
Today, Jan8th I ran 5km, then did at 50minute circuit class at the studio– my abs were murdered!

Jan 7th: 40minute run in the morning 8.5km, and 20minute jog in the evening (teaching bootcamp)
Jan 6th: 57minutes of yoga with Eoinn Finn and 1hour power walk
Jan 5th: Run for 57minutes
Jan 4th: 5ominute circuit class at the studio
Jan 3rd: 75minute circuit class at the studio (The Drill)
Jan 2nd: 15km run, 80minutes


3 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. I love the idea of listing your dailyworkouts on your blog. It can be inspiring to others, give them ideas of what workouts they can be doing, and it helps you keep track of what you are doing! I hope you don’t mind if I steal this idea! My workouts are no where as intense as yours, but maybe by posting it to the world will help me bring it up a notch!

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