I am eating a new breakfast, in a new city, in a new apartment, before I take a new bus to a new job.

This weekend has been filled with a whole bunch of new things..

1. New Life Style- I’m no longer a college graduate, but a part of the 9-5 crowd, I will no longer have leisurely afternoons to go on long bike rides or hit a yoga class.. I’ll be working. Weird.

2. New Run Club- At a new pace. We spent yesterday shuffling along for 20km in 1h40. It was ridiculous. I thought my long runs would be at a 6minute pace still, but oh no.. the Running Room means business. We did one k at a 4.50 pace which is was ridiculous, and I was sure to let my new friends know..

3. New Breakfast- I went nuts this morning making my breakfast with Alpen (unsweetened, topped with a banan, and almond milk).. Getting in touch with my Swiss side this morning was important for me with my new blond highlights.

4. New Schedule- I woke up this morning with an intention of doing something active- but I didn’t. I’m giving myself the morning to sort out my life- find a bus to hop on and get to work on time without being sweaty.. I need to make friends before I start sweating on people in the office.

5. New Roommate- I want to have some kind of ridiculous story for you about her and how crazy she is- but she’s currently blending a smoothie with spinach in it. I just can’t go there- she also is a Masters student, swimmer and triathlete (as of the upcoming weekend).  Things are looking good in that respect (she even does the dishes- my last roommate would wait at least 4 days before touching hers..)

Now that I’m starting to get some patterns established, I will be back to the site a little more often- “New Everything” is hard to navigate and write about all at the same time- some people are obviously better at it then others!

How do you find big changes in life and your blogging schedule?


9 thoughts on “New

  1. Good luck on your brandie new (as my Dad would say) day!

    Let the important life things come first, we’ll always be here when you can blog. 🙂

  2. It sounds like you’re in a great place, mixing your old hobbies with your new surroundings. I’m glad your roommate isn’t crazy! I hope you have crazy coworkers though because that’s always fun 😉

  3. a roomie who is willing to do the dishes! thats a keeper lol.

    Oooo Alpen Cereal! ive seen it in stores and it always looks yummy! especially the crunchies they add in.

    blonde highlights are a must for summer, bet u look extra beautified ❤

  4. I am so happy your new roomie is nice! That can make all the difference! Congrats on embracing the ‘new life’- you are one brave lady!

  5. Wow your new running club is some intense shit! That’s one fast run! 🙂 Haha and your new room mate sounds way cool. I’m so happy for you that she’s clean and hygienic. I used to have room-mates (when I was interning overseas during the summer) who would leave dishes overnight (for many nights) and never thanked me when I washed their dishes for them! I drink smoothies with banana and spinach every morning too. They are grrrreat. You should ask your roomie to make you some! 🙂

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