The Power Lines
The Grind
Me. Grinding
Choosing the trail up
Trying to keep up with my dad (I failed)
30% Grade, NBD

Last push to the top
This guy's a show off, he wasn't running before..
The view, really makes it all worth it (except not this time)

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend. I spent mine in Vancouver getting my life sorted and my place all organized, but most importantly, I got a grind in!

Grouse Grind is a hike relatively close to the city that people will drive to (sometimes more then an hour) and it doesn’t take and an hour to do; some people say you use your 10k time to determine how long it’ll take you to go up. I’m lucky though, I have family that lives 10minutes away, so we just get up, drink a little coffee then head to the base of the mountain and make our way up.  The best part? You don’t have to hike down if you don’t want to, in fact, I bought myself a seasons pass to the mountain this weekend so I’ll be able to ride the tram down whenever I feel like it (thank god).

This time up we were chasing a hockey camp. I found myself passing 16 year olds left, right and centre, boosting my ego like you wouldn’t believe (as most times I’m getting passed, with the exception of those people in jeans and plastic high heels- I usually pass them- that’s another story though).  I get about 30minutes in, and some kid asks me, “Hey, do you know if we’re anywhere close to the top?” I look at my watch, uhhh no. “Almost!” I say, convincingly, “Only 20minutes or so left, and it only gets easier from here,” I say like I’m a regular, “Is this your first time?”.  The 16 year old “Yeah, and I’m so out of shape right now it’s ridiculous”. He’s making excuses and I’m feeling good. I felt only slightly bad for feeling good that I wasn’t the one sucking wind.

I suddenly shot back to my first time going up the grind. I cried. I didn’t just cry. I cried and swore and wondered why anyone would talk me into this. Heaving breaths and big fat tears.

“Hey,” I say to the 16 year old who’s now stopped, “Don’t worry about it, you’re doing awesome, I cried my first time up, and it doesn’t look like you’re crying yet, you should be alright..”

“Thanks” he says, and off I went.

No tears, no swears flying from my mouth. I felt good, and didn’t even notice it the next day. Needless to say, I’m thankful for that.

What adventures did you have this weekend? Beat any 16 year olds up a mountain? Or race anyone on a treadmill?


3 thoughts on “Grinding

  1. I remember crying and complaining up hikes when I was a kid too. Now I love them. So neat that you were able to cheer the 16 year old on.

    I went for a long bike ride for the first time in a long time. It was pretty great – so great, that I went out for another one today! 🙂

    Have a wonderful afternoon!

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