My Life, In Boxes

Goooood morning!

Something worked yesterday on my veggie overdose, because today, I’m feeling about 25% better, it might not seem like a lot, but it was enough to fling myself up out of bed at 5:45am this morning to put my running shoes on, laundry in the machine and my butt out the door to pound some pavement.

Little did I know I’d be running into elites out there, but apparently that’s how I roll, or am going to start rolling. I was running through a neighborhood just by my house and all of a sudden about 50 cyclists went zipping by, I was feeling good at this point about 15minutes in and was able to pick up my stride to look like I was hard core, just like them; then they were out of sight, out of mind and I settled back into my regular pace.  I’d ask if you’ve ever done that, but we’ve all been there, nothing beats a little motivation at 6am!

Anyways, tomorrow is moving day, I’ve been ridiculously busy packing my life into boxes, organizing, reorganizing, downsizing and upsizing. It’s amazing how much stuff I have, and how much stuff I’ve still chosen to hang on to.. You never know when I’ll need that gold sequin top again I thought was cool when Nicole Richi was wearing bolero caplets and I decided to go for the blinged out $100 dollar version, or those ridiculous high heels I remember wearing only once to a club and walking home bare foot (2hours)..

Oh sweet memories..


10 thoughts on “My Life, In Boxes

  1. You have some surrious motivation. If I have even a sniffle I’ll take off a whole week from working out. I’m lame.

  2. Confession: I swear under my breath whenever someone passes me running or cycling. I am not all that competitive, but dammit! 😛

    Good luck moving tomorrow!

  3. Good luck with moving! That’s so exciting!

    I definitely sometimes put on a show for other peeps when running. On days when I’m really not feeling it I’ll “run for the traffic” – I hear a vehicle and I start running but the moment they are out of sight.. I’m walking. Thankfully that’s only for my really bad days. 😉

  4. good luck with all the moving stuff! I know it can be stressful but it will all be over before you know it. I know what you mean about the show thing- i get totally competitive.


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