Stop the Clocks

I need to have a nap, then I need to finish packing, I need to not be in class, I need to finish up my assignment that’s due today, and I need to start on the assignment that’s due tomorrow.  I could use a little break, and a day where I don’t wake up to my alarm clock, stuffed sinuses and a huge ‘to do’ list.

Remember that time I said I would be blogging more over the weekend? Epic fail on my part, BUT, it was sunny, there was packing to do, naps to have and reading of novels to finish up (I have about three that I’ve read recently, and recommendations to come).

So here I am on Monday morning, eating egg whites scrambles with spinach and goat cheese with a san pelli, staring at my daunting ‘to do’ list wondering where I should start.  Probably with turning off my computer and tuning into class as the blinds have just been shut, and the powerpoint slides are up.

If anyone has any cold fighting solutions or teas/foods I should be consuming, please tell me- I need something to kick this and kick it quick!


4 thoughts on “Stop the Clocks

  1. Yikes – take care and try to get some rest. I take echinacea and vitamin c tablets when I get a cold. I’m not sure if its in my head, but they seem to help me kick it quicker.

  2. I like ociliococcinum (not entirely sure about the spelling) it’s a homeopathic med, but you can find it at most drugstores.

    Feel better!

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