Oh Snap

Today was a day filled with all kinds of adventures. I woke up to eat the last of my Kashi H2H cereal, shed one small tear, and carried on to the rice cakes with almond butter and banana that were waiting for me.  I had no plan today, so what does one do with no plan? Pack, obviously. And move things around.

Because I’m moving in two weeks, I a have got a lot to think about. For example: Am I going to wear the tie-dye shirt I made for the Jack Johnson concert again? In public, or just around the house? Will I wear it more then the banana-green gap shirt I bought for $3, probably? Keeping it.  What about the Madonna shirt or Gwen Steffani shirt I picked up from the concerts years ago? Too small for me then means too small for me now.. will I wear them as a PJ top? Or need them for a cosume? Probably? Keeping them.

How about those text books? I’ve been to three different universities, taken three different programs, I’ve always bought the text books. Have I ever read them? Nope. Pile those in a bag.  After taking my text books and some old novels to the bookstore, I came out with a $60 dollar credit to the bookstore itself. So what do I do? I buy the thickest cookbook I can find there, and then insist on making a recipe from a fellow bloggie this evening for dinner.  I can at least say that I have read the inside cover and three paragraphs from various sections of the book (Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian); in my mind, it’s already worth the investment.

What else did I do today? Well, I ate lunch! Black Bean burgers on spinach salad with a couple slices of watermelon:

After lunch- I continued on the never-ending job hunt, by looking up and applying for all kinds of jobs; as well, I completed my marathon training schedule- a 16 week program, 3 (optional 4th) days of running, 3 days of yoga/weight training.  I’ve realized I can no longer do push-ups like I used to be able to, yoga doesn’t hit the chest so much, so I’m going to try and get a little weight training involved with my strength/flexibility routine.  I’m pumped.

To get to the point here, I have tried my second bloggie recipe in two days.  Jenna, from over at Eat, Live, Run is looking for votes on her lentil loaf.  I thought to myself, I could just vote because I like to see people I read about win things, or I could actually make this lentil loaf and see if it’s worth the vote. Like I’ve been saying, I have NOTHING to do right now. No work, no school, just waiting (for Monday when school starts, and my life goes on..), so of course I made it! Did I go to the store to get all the ingredients? Nope. I had enough of the originals, and didn’t need it to be vegan, so I just went with what I had.

Results?! AAAAHHMAAAAZINNGGGG (Oprah voice).

So meaty, but so very meatless. I do not like meat loaf, but lentil loaf? That’s something I can get used to.

Because I didn’t have flax (got some at the grocery store tonight), I used 1/2C of egg whites, and I also didn’t have bread crumbs, so I grinded up a cup of oatmeal into a textured flour and used that instead.  The rest of the recipe what to a T (including rehydrating lentils for my first time ever- yes, I know- I’m amazing). Would I make this again? Definitely.  Would I recommend you go and make this and also vote for Jenna? Yes.

The blogging world has seriously changed my life, and kitchen as I know it- thanks to you, I remain inspired in the kitchen!

Who are some of the bloggers inspiring you in the kitchen lately?  I’m loving all the vegan/veggie options I’ve been exploring- dabbling if you will before I take off into the great unknown.. (Vancouver).


8 thoughts on “Oh Snap

  1. I’m actually pretty good at getting rid of clothes.. it just takes me a year or two to realize that they will never be worn again. 😉

    Books, however.. they’re a different story. I try to hold on to them until the end. The end = someone talking some sense into me.

  2. Sounds like you definitely know how to fill your free days. 🙂 Being able to try new recipes is always fun.

    I’m really enjoying Eating Bird Food lately – lots of vegetarian meals.

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