On the Road Again

Salad w/ tuna, reduced balsamic, lemon juice and seeds

I can’t believe that today is already Wednesday, for whatever reason, time just seems to be flying by- perhaps a result of me aging; since that’s all I seem to be able to talk about these days..

After waking up this morning to a great run, and bowl of oats, I settled into my computer to get back on board the job hunt (Tourism Vancouver– I want to work for you!); it didn’t last long, because before I knew it the sun was calling me, as was a girlfriend who needed to go for a post break up walk.  It’s funny how many relationships I know that have not made it through this year. I don’t know if it’s a 2010 thing, or just the stress finishing our last year at school, but there seems to be a lot of them, and a lot of thinking around what we should choose to do with our lives when college is all said and done.  I have  a place, and no job. Needless to say my stress levels are rising..

After the walk, I hit a yoga class with a new instructor; not always my favorite experience, but I went with it… In yoga, how do you feel about the instructor touching you?  Personally, I was not enjoying the yoga class today, then she came up to me and adjusted me in a posture, and all of a sudden I realized I was now going to like her.  There’s something about touch in yoga class that makes me feel at home. I feel slightly crazy for it, but I’m hoping I’m not the only one?!

After yoga, I came home to a yummy lunch and found a new recipe to try.  Actually, I found it a while ago, Emily, over that The Front Burner has an insane recipe for black bean burgers; and as I guide myself through this “flexitarian’ phase of my life, I’ve found myself visiting and revisiting her blog, as well as Matt’s (No Meat Athlete) for inspiration from those who are equally, if not more active than I am.

From the inspiration, dinner turned out to be delicious vegan black bean burgers with salad; chips, salsa and wine; it was the best!

The recipe for these bad boys can be found here.  I didn’t have the onion powder and used garlic instead, they turned out just fine (as far as I can tell); I was actually eating the ‘dough’ before pressing them into patties.

This weekend I’m off to do my third race in 2 months, the Kusam Klimb, a 23km hike up and over a mountain. I have not done any spectacular training, and I don’t have a clue what I’m getting myself into- apparently there is snow at the top of this mountain we hike!

Hope everyone has been having a great week, but please tell me: how do you feel about yoga teachers touching you?


5 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Oh my gosh that hike sounds tough! Good luck!
    I don’t mind if an instructor touches me to correct me. I’d rather they fix my form, then be sore later because I was doing it wrong.
    Good luck again 🙂

  2. Hey there, I can most definitely understand your anxiety about a job, but I truly think that things happen just the way they are supposed to. Hang in there!

    Good luck with your hike/race. 🙂

  3. I love it when instructors correct my pose. And my fave teacher back in my college town does yogic massage during some moves, which is the best thing ever!

  4. Yum that black bean burger looks awesome!!

    I agree, I love when the yoga instructor is hand-on and fixes or helps you go further with a pose. I mean most of yoga I’ve learned visually from watching others, never specifically been taught so it’s nice to know I’m in the right position when they adjust me 🙂

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