Grocery Store Envy

Good morning-

I don’t know if you recognize this bowl of oatmeal, it may look the same as my traditional bowl, but it is so very different. It happens to have the infamous PB2 sneaking up on the left side.. it wasn’t long before I ate it though..

As some of you may know- I was in Seattle this past week visiting with my girlfriend who was visiting from St. Louis (if anyone knows of a great yoga studio there- please comment and tell me so I can pass it on!).  Well, we weren’t just in Seattle, we were in Vancouver, riding BC Ferries (to Vancouver Island), driving through Cowichan Bay, hitting up Bean Around the World in China town, and going to yoga classes (taught by Fiji).  We basically did all the things you would do on holiday, but it wasn’t until we got to the States that I felt I could relax and get into going-to-the-states mode..

What’s that look like?!

Bliss upon walking into Target; eating an entire box of Heart to Heart Cereal in a few days because I think it looks so cute (not to mention is fun to eat); hunting down PB2, to the point where I have to go at 7am the day we’re leaving and let the owner of the store know they need to be open on weekends for people coming from Canada; trips to Sephora to buy Bare Minerals make-up because my friends easily convince me it will change my life; going to Trader Joe’s and getting nothing exciting other then wine because we can; opening a bottle of wine just for a glass, fully knowing we’re leaving the next day and won’t be able to take it- because it’s only $8, in Canada, it’s double that.

I think I actually might have peed my pants a little bit when I got to Target- it was a double decker ‘market’ one where they even had produce, not to mention the woman with the thick Southern accent saying “I don knaow that we shud get thaat, we’ve got kraft dinner in the paantrayy”..

Do you guys get excited traveling to other countries for groceries? Or do you have grocery envy? (Americans- you even have chocolate covered Altoids- it’s INSANE!)


7 thoughts on “Grocery Store Envy

  1. I get excited over Costco in Seattle…the imported cheese is a quarter of the price here!

    The wine situation there makes me happy too…we bought a bottle of Dom Perignon for $109 and put it into our “special” section of the wine cabinet. Last I checked at the BC Liquor store it was over $500. INSANE

    But overall…I get excited about grocery stores anywhere in the world. When we were travelling, the highlights were markets and grocery stores. Walmart in China is crazy. 🙂

  2. Us American’s also have a grocery store in the southeast called Publix. It’s the best and most amazing grocery store ever! It’s huge and they have every brand of every thing. I am a freak about grocery stores!

  3. I want to go to the States!! I’ve never been but I dream about it.. well, I dream about the stores. I’m hoping that I’ll get around to going sometime this summer because I want to hit up Target and Trader Joes!

    1. You need to get off that coast- asap! I’m moving to the big city (of Vancouver) and the next trip I do down to the states, I will make sure to invite you! hahaha I’m serious though

  4. haha i love that you have grocery store envy…we do have some pretty good ones. it makes grocery shopping easy and hard at the same time. also…too many choices makes list making a must! otherwise i wind up broke and 5lbs heavier 🙂

  5. i cant wait to go to the states to food shop! girl i cant wait to get over to vancouver and finally go to whole foods and shop! i totally get excited. health stores are my crack 😛

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