Hello Friends- Guess where I’ve been?

Eating doughnuts at Top Pot, of course!

I went from eating OIAPC (sorry environment!) to eating doughnuts all in a weekend; before that, I went everywhere one can imagine between Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle. Why?  My girlfriend from Missouri was in town, and I had to show her what we’re made of in the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve spent the last week relaxing and enjoying everything people enjoy when they’re on holidays from local tourist hot spots to doughnuts, wine, and ridiculous yoga sessions where you hold hands with your friends crying together in savasana (corpse pose) because the teacher just so happens to be saying all the right things.

Good week? Nope, it was amazing.

More to come later- I just wanted to show off my doughnut and see what you have been up to this past week? I know I have some ridiculous blog reading to catch up on- so off I go!


3 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. crying together with ur friends- that is so beautiful!! seriously 🙂

    its been forever since ive had a good donut. my fav was apple fritters which i think that one is!! apple fritters and me as a kid + sticky happy child!!!

    HOT glasses btw 🙂

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