Spelt Toast: w/ AB/BANAN/AGAVE

What does one do when they’ve just finished a detox and the world is their oyster? Eat toast, of course.

It was weird yesterday morning, I did not feel like running, but I did feel like eating toast, so I did. Little did I know, that would make me feel like running, and about an hour and a half later I was out the door pounding pavement on my way to some stairs.  It was sunny, and “hot” (for what it has been) and I ran about 12 sets of stairs at some point in my hour long run. It was glorious.

Came home and went out to Costco in hopes of finding samples, or anything.. all I got was a corner of some Squirrelly bread. Weak, Costco, weak.

Came home grabbed some Turkey Pepperoni and some snap peas to sustain me on a little shopping trip. I’m on the hunt for canisters, more particularly square ones with screw lids that look somewhat vintage. Crate and Barrel have the ones that I want, but I’m still looking for them in Canada (Crate and Barrel will be tackled on Tuesday when I head to Seattle).

I came home from my unsuccessful shopping trip with nothing but a clean eating magazine and a baguette which I broke the nub off of from a new gluten free bakery in town, Origin. This is great news for people who are Gluten sensitive. ME? No, not sensitive at all, unless it’s Wonder Bread, that I’m sensitive to for different reasons (barf).

AB/RFJ & Rice Cake x2

When I got home, I quickly shoved a snack in my mouth before heading off to SATC2- Have you seen it? Did you love it? I loved the dutch guy; it could have been a film of just him walking around Walmart and I would have been more happy than with what I saw.  It was weak, and far too long. All of the good things form that movie could have been condensed to a standard 1h30 movie. Why stretch out scenes? The show was only 30minutes because peoples’ lives really aren’t that entertaining! Needless to say I was happy I didn’t live in New York at the end of that movie, or in Carrie’s new characterless apartment (loved her closet though..)- phewf, that was exhausting to get through!

My sister in law and I checked our phones 45minutes into the movie, when it was still at the wedding scene.. and then about 15minutes later again..

Salad w/ avocado, pine nuts, goat cheese, salmon & gluten free bread

Anyways- Came home to a delicious salad and glass of wine to ease the pain of the movie, which is did all so well!

How excited are you for this weekend? Words can’t express it on my end.

Also- Have you seen SATC2? What did you think? This is a safe zone, I will not judge if you liked it..


15 thoughts on “FREEDOM

  1. Sorry you weren’t such a fan of SATC2. I haven’t seen it yet but want to. I think its kind of obligatory after watching the show and seeing the first movie. 🙂

    Happy Friday!!

  2. I ran today, for the first time in quite some time! Apparently it’s national running day…who knew?!

    I have not seen SAT2 yet, but I plan to see it next week. I’m pretty excited!

  3. I haven’t seen SATC2 yet but I want to.. even though I’ve been hearing some not-so-great reviews.

    Until I started blogging I had never had any desire to live on the Island but now I want to. It sounds amazing and like a dream come true with all of it’s delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

  4. wow i SO appreciated your comment! thats so true about how a show with underweight would only trigger and inspire those to lose more where as shows like the biggest loser are more of a “hey look at those fat people getting skinni-fied..glad im not them” its more of a self comforting thing. thanks for pointing that out!!!

    1. Tell Skylar I’m going to try and find some pigs or chickens today on my bike ride so I can change it up!

      Keep the farm exciting.. now that I know I have little fans!

  5. I haven’t seen SATC2 yet, but I think I already know how Im going to feel about it. My problem is, I have to STOP comparing it to the TV series… it will just never be as good, nor will it ever be a true continuation of it! TV series and movies are just too different. So basically, I’m going to hate it because it won’t be exactly like my beloved series, but I’m going to love it because I can’t help but love anything SATC. Haha.

  6. Have you tried CB2 for the containers your looking for? I love that site.

    I have no interest in anything SATC related. I’m glad you didn’t enjoy it 😉 Just teasing you!

  7. Hooray for the weekend!

    I haven’t seen SATC 2 yet, but I think I’m going to wait until it’s out on DVD. The first movie was cute, but I’m always skeptical of sequels.

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