A Days Eats

Today was a lovely day- filled with all kinds of lovely things- a run, some weights a great yoga class to some good tunes, a hop back on the detox/no sugar bandwagon.. but, more importantly, finishing 2 of my last three assignments for school. 30 days until I move myself over to Vancouver, and I couldn’t be more excited- 7 days until I head on a little road trip to Seattle to pick up a friend of mine- and 13 days until a great weekend at the Westin in Seattle with some great friends.

Life is good right now, even with the fact I don’t have a job to head to in Vancouver- I’m hoping that one will work itself out.

Hopefully everyone has had a lovely Monday- the sun is shining right now for the first time in a week, and I’m about to head out and grab some vitamin D- not before sharing a days worth of eats though (detox friendly eats too!):

Bejeweled Oats
PreYoga/Post Dinner snack- Nature's Candy

Lunch: Broccoli with chickpeas, Mary's Crackers and a pear

Falafals and Salad with lemon tahini dressing
RiceCake God- CornThin/RiceCake with almond butter and all fruit jam- I'll probably be at 2 of these by the time the days up- maybe even 3 if I'm feeling wild

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