Halfway There!

I’m halfway through my cheating detox!

Cheating? you ask, well, that’s because I haven’t exactly been following all the rules, you see.  I’m not supposed to have all egg whites, but when it came down to lunch time today (after 40minutes on the elliptical and 20minutes of weights, and an hour of hot yoga), I needed protein (or anything for that matter) but all I had was egg whites in my fridge- knowing that I needed some phat and sugar what did I do?

I went nuts- soy nuts that is! Knee slapper- I know! But seriously- still no cheating, except for the yolks, but who’s really counting those as cheating?! I wouldn’t..

Then I went on a burn around the grocery store to pick up some veggies and avocado for a little dinner- little did I know that I would still be hungry- so what does one go for?

Salted cashews- the luxury nut, and a quarter of a melon- I’m not going to lie, both of them were to die for.  I wanted to polish off the rest of the melon, but thought I’d better wait for dinner.. or at least wait until the chips were cracked and avocado was made before dinner..

Dinner was a standard turkey taco salad, complete with guac and salsa and a combination of Mary’s Crackers and rice chips to boot.  This is the second day in a row I have had rice chips- and the third day in my detox- They’re really not supposed to be involved in the detoxing process at all, but when you look at the ingredients, there really isn’t much in them other than rice and rice flour- still gluten free and vegan- and because I’m moving I won’t be able to buy them much more… how’s that for justification? Not that I needed it- because they were delicious!

Do you justify crap foods or cheating in your day-to-day eating?  I’m fortunate enough that I’m so active and can feel fine about eating them- That being said- I’m happy about being on this detox- today is the first day I finally feel “normal” and I’m looking forward to continuing the clean eating patterns after the detox is over.  I think having been on this (keep in mind it’s only day 6) I’ve been able to get myself back on track, feeling good and being productive in what I need to get done for school- so far, so good.  I will do a full recap of the detox when I’m finished, but for know, if you’re looking for one to try, the wild rose one is pretty straight forward and well worth it- the supplements can make your BMs a little wild in the morning/night, but that’s all a part of the detox process.  It’s been great for me to get off sugar with this and find nature’s candies (aka fruits) tickling my fancy just fine!

Side Note: I’m looking for a coffee maker for my new place- yes, I’m a month ahead of schedule.. But do you prefer Bodum or Drip?

And does anyone have the OXO pop containers? Or know where I can get them for cheap? I love the style of them, check them out if you haven’t already seen them!


5 thoughts on “Halfway There!

  1. it all looked healthy to me! and egg whites seem like a fair choice if that was all u had lying around 🙂 i think the turkey salad looks amazing! my fav thing about crackers in a salad is when some get a little soggy and its like that mix of crunch and soft too. and im a fan of lundberg’s rice chips too! theyre fairly delicious!

    good job for sticking with the detox! half way there is a pretty good sign!! ❤

  2. I might have to look into that detox sometime. But I think I would have serious DTs from the lack of sugar, lol.

  3. Oh I’m all about the Bodum Coffee Press, but I wouldn’t buy the cheapest one, its pretty “cheap” in the making ;-). Great job on your detox! Detox’s always kick mu butt, to be 6 days in is an accomplishment asside form finishing.

  4. Yay for halfway through the detox. I’m glad that you’re feeling more normal!

    I’m definitely a French Press girl through and through.

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