Behold! Bejeweled Oats

That’s what those are going to be called from now on in my posts.

Why are those raspberries jewels?! Probably because there’s $5 worth in that bowl (unless you get them at my corner store, then it’s only $2.50- most people don’t know that).

I’m graduating from university in 6 weeks.  I’m taking over the lease on my new place in 4.  I’m growing up faster then I can keep up.  I’m going to ask for your help- I’m not the best budgeter ($5 raspberries- enough said).  What do you choose to splurge on and what do you choose to save on?  Do you pick your apples by what’s on sale or do you always get the ones you know you’ll enjoy?

I always thought it was funny when my grandmother would talk about how much carrots were at the farmers market- but now I get it, and it only took me 10 years to understand!

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been thinking of a lot recently- so I figured I throw it out there and see what you thought?  Obviously protein bars are on the outs, unless I get them as a grad present (feel free to send any along!)..

For those of you getting away for the long weekend (American)- enjoy it!


9 thoughts on “Behold! Bejeweled Oats

  1. Very nice breakfast!

    For groceries, I splurge on milk, produce & meat (I try to go organic for produce & use the no-antibiotics etc meat options) but I go to Superstore and buy their yellow brand for all middle aisle products (rice, oats, cheese, all baking goods, pasta sauces, laundry/cleaning products – you get the idea) save enough on that stuff to splurge on the other stuff.

    I spend a fortune on workout clothes (running shoes, lulu) but could care less if I have a designer brand decorating my jeans or work clothes as long as they look and feel good so I save there.

    I have an espresso machine so when I was working rather than buying starbucks, I would make my own americano to take to work. Lavazza espresso roast brick is only $4.99 and lasts two weeks making 2 americanos/day.

    Also, for frivolous stuff like my shoe habit, meals out, makeup and treats I had a $100 cash allowance (this also included my bootcamp membership – why my husband thought THAT needed to be included in my allowance is beyond me..maybe so I would actually go)

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I definitely try to buy the produce that’s on sale. I always buy spinach and bananas, but everything else varies by price. Protein bars go on sale sometimes too 🙂

  3. i totally can only imagine ur situation. .i mean graduating is great.. but theres so many expenses that are racked up from all that time in school. sorry to hear it.. but yea def hit up the sale lots and rummage around.. not like a homeless person but uno what i mean hehe.

    i splurge on meat and certain veggies.. but otherwise i really dont care.i used to (when i lived off my parents money) but now.. im a save-freak.. every penny counts!

  4. I splurge on chicken and veggies and buy whats on sale for fruits, grains, and other meats. I suggest getting your pantry staples at a store like Target or even investing in a membership at a BJ’s, Costco, or Sams Club if they have something like that where you are. I made up the cost of the membership with my first grocery shop and buying things like spinach, bananas, hummus, ground turkey, oatmeal, yogurt, protein bars, etc…in bulk is so worth it since I go through it like water.

  5. yummm..raspberries in oats= amazing!!! idk about how i feel with sales on fruits/veggies- like, yes they are expensive but i DO have the apples that I just like hte most!! i think it will be more of an issue when I am on a tighter budget haha

  6. I splurge on organic produce.. except I’m not sure if it’s a splurge because I do it all the time. The organic raspberries here are currently $5.99 for pretty much what’s in your bowl. It’s ridiculous and makes me want to cry as I devour their deliciousness in 2 seconds. Budgeting doesn’t really exist for me when in comes to food.. I try to cut back on everything else so that I can get the foods I want of the quality I want. 🙂

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