It’s Raining

I guess that means it’ll be a good day to get a paper finished.  I was considering going to class today, but I weighed the pros and cons of the situation and decided there really is no point when I could have the paper for that class written and submitted by the end of the day and not have to think about it all weekend.

So what am I doing now?! I’m snacking on my all time favorite oat combination that was created yesterday:
1/4C instant oats, 1/2 scoop BR pro. pwd, chia seeds, cinnamon, vanilla, 1/4C hot water, 1/3C (unsweetened) almond milk, with blueberries, raspberries and AB to top it- All mixed together and tossed in the fridge for an overnight oats kind of temp- It’s seriously amazing

With a fantastic cup of coffee!

My energy level feels about normal today- I came home and ate, a lot of guacamole with some rice cracker/chips and had a couple almond butter rice cake sandwiches with a big bowl of Amy’s black bean soup- needless to say I did not goto bed hungry, but I did goto bed a little sad.

I’m not sure how you guys felt about the results on American Idol last night, but I’m definitely on Team Bowersox- I thought she should have had it, but then I thought maybe it’s a good thing when you compare Adam Lambert’s success to Chris Allen’s.. Yes- I did just compare Idol success on my blog- this is embarrassing. (ha) What did you think of the results? Are you even fans? Idol is a total guilty pleasure and I love it.


5 thoughts on “It’s Raining

  1. Yum, your oats look super tasty.

    I wasn’t watching this season, but I did hear some of Bowersox’s songs and she is great! I have no doubts that she’ll be successful anyhow.

  2. I agree! Did Lee even have an original song? I was confused as to why his “single” was a U2 song. And I hate U2. And he didn’t even sing it that well.

    He’s a good artist and I hope they both do well, but Crystal should have won.

    Oh, and I kind of think they’re sleeping together. They have mad chemistry.

    1. Oh. my. god. They are totally sleeping together! hahaha I called it last night, I’m happy someone else could see it too- I can’t wait for an American Idol baby! hahah and yes- no original song is lame, and he did a horrible cover. You need to talk to my friend Emma, she doesn’t believe me!

  3. crystal def performed better on the final night of performances.. but im glad Lee won.. i think the only reason why is because Crystal will have the chance now to become her own artist and be taken seriously.. whereas Lee will suffer with identity and always be ‘american idol winner’.. i dont think he will be viewed of as a serious artist as Crystal will.

    happy to hear ur energy is fairly normal. amy’s black bean soup is fantastic! just like you! hehe 🙂

    xoxo ❤

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