Are we done yet?!

lunch: chicken, brown rice and salad

2 days until school is finally out! We spent the entire day working through presentations that we’ve been working on for the whole semester- I was inside a classroom for seven and a half hours today.

Needless to say I’m happy that I escaped.

This morning I had the hardest time getting going- I felt exhausted and beat up and I didn’t know what was happening, but then I realized it might be the weather. We’ve had a few sunny days lately where I’ve felt not great, but still better then this morning (considering the ‘tox). Today, however, was not the same. Every single minute I struggled to keep my eyes open, it wasn’t until after lunch when the clouds finally lifted that I felt like I might be OK.

I came home after school to a nice bowl of popcorn and a rice cake that had almond butter and a tiny bit of my real fruit jam.  I’m not going to lie- it was heavenly.

I’ve decided to skip my yoga I was going to head to this afternoon and instead relax, not do any homework and watch Oprah, followed up by the new Women’s Health Mag with Michelle Lea on the cover.  Do I care?! Not one bit in this moment. My body is begging for rest, and I’m going to give it that before it makes me!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic Hump Day- filled with sunshine and rainbows! I have no idea what’s on for me for dinner, but I’m probably just going to post a glamour shot of the dish and leave it for the evening- I need a break!


5 thoughts on “Are we done yet?!

  1. Michelle Lea is on the cover! need to check that out! and i must make a chicken salad soon, craving it badly!

    yay for giving ur body rest! it’ll love u so much more for it…uve got so much going on, the move, the detox, the busy-beeing around 😛 hehe

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