Off the Wagon- And back on!

No photos for this short post- sorry amigos!


I went to Vancouver with full intention of staying on the detox wagon- well, one thing led to another and I signed the lease on my apartment, and then decided a celebratory glass of wine (and then a dirty martini.. shhhh) was needed- and some celebratory tortilla chips on my taco salad.. [breakfast was eggs with corn thins and almond butter, snack was a pear and some veggies, lunch was rice cakes with vegan chowder, and snack in the afternoon was some soy nuts- so still a good day all in all– and no workout, too busy, and I’m cool with that- when you’re detoxing you’re supposed to take it easy, so I’m doing that]

Scale of one to ten. How much do I care?! Zero.  I could get all up in arms about it, but to be honest, I can’t really be bothered. I’m on this detox to get back into good habits, part of my good habits involve living a balanced and full life.  Had I not had reason to celebrate, I probably wouldn’t have, but I’m not going to pass up a glass of wine at a proud moment because of some detox I’m on. If I’d died in my sleep last night, I would have seriously regretted that move.

So- I’m back on the wagon this morning- I had my staple cup of coffee, bottle of water, apple and 1/3C of soy nuts. I have my veggies ready to go for the rest of the day, with some additional soy nuts and veggies.

How would you guys react if you fell off the wagon? Would you stay off or hop back on? I’m still early in my detox, so I figure it can’t really hurt to hop back on- I mean I do it in hockey playoffs all the time!


8 thoughts on “Off the Wagon- And back on!

  1. i used to be a terrible beat-myself-uper lol. but then id always be like “start over tomorrow” type of person. but uno what, i could never travel and detox.. i feel theres too much excitement and tempation!! id say find more of a balance between ur detoxing right now.. so that u can have little cheats that technically wont alter things too much uno? but def. forgive urself for it.. ur only human, and plus theyre temporary detoxes for a reason right? xoxo ❤

  2. Holy hell, it has been far too long since I’ve had a dirty martini. Far too long.

    Not a thing wrong with celebratory dinners. Not a thing.

  3. Like you said…it’s all about balance! Wait a sec…does you going to Vancouver mean you’re not teaching bootcamp anymore?! Noooo….

  4. don’t get discouraged tomorrow is a new day, and a new chance to have your perfect day. Everyone needs a recreation day every now and then. Plus everything you ate sounds really really good! I’m in food envy!

  5. I’m trying to detox before classes start in a week and with it being so randomly rainy here, I just find myself inside all day, eating crap food and not exercising. I don’t understand how all my detox plans could have fallen so horribly astray.

    1. Ohh I know about sticking to detoxes when the weather is crap- I started on the weekend and it was nice, and I got through the hard days with good weather, I think I see the light now, so I’m all good!

      Where in BC are you!? I just creeped on your blog!

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