Sunshine, Rainbows and Lollipops

It’s Sunday night- I have a big couple days ahead of me, so this is going to be a short post to say the least..

Sunshine, Rainbows and Lollipops?! The title of this post has to be sweet, because the content, sure isn’t going to be! I’m craving bananas like none other, I cannot wait for 10days to be up so I can toss one of those back with some peanut butter… mmm heaven!

6.40am- Wake up, going to be at 9:30 the night before on top of having an hour nap before noon didn’t help with my sleep in.

7.30am- Coffee made, oats made, blogs being read, staring at the weather wondering if it will rain..

8.00am- Not going to rain, must ride to my Uni and see how long it’ll take for when we start going 9-4pm.. not looking forward to this

8.40am- Just call me Lance, I’m back on the bike

8.41am- This hill is burning, why didn’t I attempt to ride around it?!

9.01am- My lungs are burning- check the clock- only 20minutes in.. What?!

9.15am- Thank god I have a good playlist

9.20am- Oh no, this song was not supposed to be on there- Taylor Swift?! Really? I mean I do love her, but right now as I’m grinding up a hill she is sucking big time.

9.25am- Stop. Drink. New playlist.

9.30am- I can’t believe I have to ride back in, this is the WORST

9.35am- At school, almost in tears because I do not want to ride another 55minutes home

9.40am- Call my friend Emma to see if she wants to pick me up- No answer.. text a few friends, get back on the bike, just like Lance

9.51am- There’s a tailwind- THAT must have been my problem on the way out..

10.45isham- I’m home again, I somehow made it, my legs are shaking, I want to goto yoga, but I cannot decide.

11am- Call Emma, she picks up..”Do I want to goto yoga or do I want to go buy clothes for my job interview?”..  uhhh “Come over and we’ll go- I’m starting to feel hungover, so let’s get food too.”

12pm- I’m starrrving, eat a couple veggies at Emma’s then we go shopping

1pm- I feel drunk, I’ve just bought two pairs of pants, I need to eat some food- so we stop at the grocery store

1:45am- Finally eat some Amy’s soup with some veggies and two rice cakes

3pm- Surprise BBQ for a girlfriend’s boyfriend- he just moved over from Van- it was low key and glorious- a nice little break from my books

4.30pm- Come home, snack on half a chicken breast and some salted soy nuts

6pm- Dinner time: chicken, corn, red pepper, lettuce and black bean soup as dressing (it was delicious- trust me)

7pm- Popcorn time- When in Rome.. It’s delicious- I also had a pear, it too was delicious

8pm- Drink more tea, so freaking tired, but I must pack my things..

9pm- start this post, eat some frozen blueberries, decide I still want to eat some sugar

9.17pm- Sign off this post- it’s tragic and time for me to sleep.

Hope everyone’s had a fab weekend- tomorrow I’m off to Van to sign a lease on my apartment, I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes! Anyone have some exciting plans for the week?


5 thoughts on “Sunshine, Rainbows and Lollipops

  1. Busy day! I would’ve been carb loading after that bike ride haha!
    I can’t wait for this week to be over. I’m heading to Maine for the long weekend and I’m going to stuff my face with lobster.

  2. Haha, I love the strategic use of title. Sorry you had a rough day! You’re still a trooper. Hope that the apartment signing goes well.

  3. oh gawd im so excitied for you. BIG DAY tomorrow. sad ur leaving our little island tho 😦 hehe but much better out in the big world!! hope everything goes well.

    love amy’s soups!! ive had that one.. the black bean.. its pretty fabulous ❤

  4. Wow I’m exhausted just reading about your day!! Love the format of the post though 🙂 Sometimes it’s just SO much easier to list everything out like that…I’m a fan of doing that sometimes too!

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