Not day 12 yet-

And the reason I can tell is because my stomach is still off, I have a headache and I can’t have toast for breakfast.  I’m sure I’ll start feeling better about these decisions tomorrow- though it’s going to be a modified detox, I’m pretty sure I’m going out for a drink tomorrow night- but wine is loaded with anti-oxidants, so I’m sure it can only help me, right?!

I’m not going to lie, I’m not perfect. Some people may have thought that about me, but I’m a cheater, especially when it comes to eating ridiculously healthy on a detox.  My cheats from yesterday? The tiny bit of dressing on my dinner, and on my 4 corn thin AB sandwiches, I may or may not have had real fruit jam- but I justified that by saying, well at least I’m not drinking juice.. No, as a matter of fact Adrien, you’re just eating juice.. I’ll try harder tomorrow.. Tomorrow has now become today.

I woke up super early this morning, it may have had something to do with my 9:30pm bedtime and nap yesterday, but what can you do?! I was also hungry, so I whipped up a bowl of oats with blueberries, brown rice protein powder (I think it’s allowed?! Again, could be a cheat, but at least it’s not juice or jam?!), and 1T of AB mixed with 1T of water to make it go further.

I realized I’m relying big time on almond butter in my detox right now, I’m going to try and cut back to having it only twice a day, and perhaps actually buying real almonds, or soy nuts to munch on if I need it.

Anyways- today I’m off to time myself riding to Royal Roads (my university), I have a residency coming up that goes Monday to Thurs 9am-4pm for three weeks.  Needless to say I’m going to want to steal some fitness where I can, riding to school might fit the bill- I’ll let you know!


6 thoughts on “Not day 12 yet-

  1. I feel your pain its so hard to not cheat with food, from tomorrow I’m not eating fat or sugar for as long as possible but I guarantee a cheat in the future! xx

  2. You’ve been really pushing yourself lately. I wish you a soft recovery from all that running etc. , and gentleness with yourself. All is well. You’re well, as is, this moment .

  3. Wow, I don’t know that I could ever go through a detox like that. I lived at a yoga center for a month once, and there were always people going through different detox programs, drinking lots of herbal and fruit and veggie drinks. You’re quite brave to do that, in some ways. Hope it calls for lots of rest.

  4. yup brown rice protein is totally allowed. my naturopath had be using it to heal my tummy issues when they were really bad last year. also almond butter is good but some people have reactions to it since its in our diets quite a bit nowadays. maybe try hazelnut butter? or even a seed butter if u find some.

    ew i hate detox symptoms.. especially the tiredness mixed with a headache. keep lots of fresh greens in to help, always makes a big difference ❤

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