Cleaning Up My Act

It’s that time of the year again- time to focus on my school work, and get back on board the health train. I’m not going to lie, the lack of photos of my food was due to the ridiculous amount of fun I was having between tortilla chips and caesars- that fun ride has come to an end- for 12 days at least.

I’m starting the Wild Rose Herbal Detox, totally safe, and ridiculously easy (for a detox).  I’ve been recommended this one by my doctor before, and I know it really helps me feel back on top of my game, instead of two steps behind as I do right now.

So what’s the deal? Basically you take 4 supplements, twice a day with breakfast and supper, and you can’t eat tropical fruit (bananas, pineapple, mango, etc), flour products (breads, cakes, crackers), fermented products (soy, vinegar, wine, beer, black tea, miso), sugar (or dried fruit aka sugar bombs), peanuts (hosts to yeast and molds), and coffee becomes limited to two cups a day (black- pray for me on this one).  You’re basically eating a diet created mainly of alkaline foods.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the research done on the link between alkaline foods and cancer, but you can check it out here.  Apparently cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment- kind of cool.

So there you have it friends- prepare yourself for 12 days of stellar blogging from me as I cut joys such as chocolate chips and tortilla chips out of my life- I’m drinking tea right now instead of coffee, I’ve already changed.

Have you ever done a detox? Been interested in doing one? Which one?


13 thoughts on “Cleaning Up My Act

  1. ive never done a detox-thought about it tho!! it looks like itd be so gooood for you! thats an interesting article too!!

    OH and fake tanner- banana boat deep color.. its at wal mart.. its AWESOME! no streaks!

  2. let us know for sure what u think of that detox! ive seen many people at Lifestyle Markets or Planet O buying that detox kit.. i never really udnerstood what it did exactly in terms of the herbs.. but some people swear by it. im so curious to find out how it affects u. xoxo ❤

  3. Your post today makes me laugh as I just garbaged FOUR detox’s (the wild rose one was the latest) from my cupboard. Why am I throwing them out you ask? My husband has lasted as short as 12 and long as 36 hours on even the easiest one. Good luck my dear! These 14 days will have you feeling like a superstar.

  4. I’ve done this one before and I’m currently doing it with my sister now (well..for health reasons I’m not taking the supplement but I’m eating the food) I LOVE IT. After the initial withdrawals from sugar and feeling off for the first couple of days, you will feel fantastic. And watch what you eat the first day off it – you will likely get pretty sick if you over do it.
    I simply can’t drink my coffee black so I use soy milk (which I THINK is ok to cheat a bit as long as there is no sugar).
    It is amazing how much you actually can eat while on this cleanse and if you’re creative you will enjoy the food challenge for meals. 🙂 Cabbage rolls with ground turkey and brown rice are great…same with roasted veggies.
    Good luck!
    Laura (I was in your bootcamp classes awhile back)

    1. Thanks Laura (Traux?!)- I just got almond milk to try today instead of unsweetened soy- I’m so used to it being silk with sugar, I needed to change the whole nut up for my milk!

      Those cabbage rolls sound delish- I’m happy someone is on this with me- day 2 feels ok, I feel like I’m a tiny bit hungover, but I’m sure tomorrow will just get better!

      1. Almost correct with the last name. 🙂 Truax. close enough!

        A fantastic salad dressing that is “allowed”. Mash up two cloves of garlic, add some salt and pepper, juice of a lemon (or two if they’re not terribly juicey) Whisk in olive oil to emulse it. YUM. (And when you’re off the cleanse, you can add dijon and white wine vinegar)

        A tasty lunch I enjoy: two brown rice cakes, take some ripe avocado and spread it over the cakes, add slices of tomato and some red onion. In a bowl, mix drained tuna with fresh dill and lemon, add to the top of the rice cakes. Broil until the edges of the rice cakes are crispy brown. It’s like healthy tuna melts.

      2. Another recipe…sorry – I hit the keyboard and it submitted..
        Stuffed peppers

        – Clean two orange/red/yellow peppers and cut in half
        – Prepare half a cup of Quinoa in an organic broth (check to ensure there is no yeast product in it..sneaky manufacturers)
        – Toast raw sunflower & pumpkin seeds and soy nuts
        – Saute onion and garlic in a little bit of butter/olive oil combination (OK..I love a cleanse that allows me to use makes anything better).
        – Mix the quinoa, sautee & toasted seeds and stuff the mixture into the peppers.
        – Bake at around 350 for approx 20 mins (until the quinoa has a bit of a brownish crust on top)

        Good luck with the rest of the cleanse! I also fell off the wagon. I did very well in Whistler when I was doing it with my sister and had the support. I’m still mostly following but broke down and had a cupcake today. I’ll blame PMS.

  5. Cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment?? Uh, coolest thing I’ve heard all day 🙂

    Good luck with the detox! I’ve never done one and I *would* only if I wasn’t active (which I am…all the time)

  6. have never done a detox, dont feel they are needed for me. high raw, all vegan, life is practically one big detox. LOL

    But if it jump starts you and helps you, rock on girl! Do it! Just be safe, as i know you will be with it 🙂

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