Back to Basics

Why I always like to post my morning oats?! Probably because that’s the most exciting thing I have going on in my life?! Nope- not it. They’re just my rock. My one and only. My standby. When everything else goes wrong in my life, I know my oats will go right.

Good news- I’ve been told my place is mine! Watch out ikea- I’m coming to get you!

I’m already thinking it’s time I head to Home Sense at lunch today and pick up some things I’ll need for my new place- like containers to store my oats in. Does that seem ridiculous when I’m moving in 6 weeks? I’m thinking not.

Anyways- it’s hump day- I’m going to go get on it- what’s your favorite and least favorite thing about moving?  Mine’s gotta be the bed- lucky for me there are no stairs in this new place- those would be it!


7 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. ohhhhh yes! watch out ikea is right! thats gonna be the best part.. moving it all in tho.. not so fun 🙂
    ikea is the bestest tho. and i love the reason why u love ur oats. seriously, i think oats have magical powers!


  2. Congrats! We’re both moving now. I swear, we’re long lost twins. I hate packing, lifting, unpacking…I hate everything about moving. Oh and having to change your address on everything is a pain in the balls too.

    1. I thought it was our gorgeous hair and stunner good looks that made us more like twins, but a dislike for moving works as well (not to mention a wicked sense of humor)

  3. Congrats on the new place! That must be so exciting. 🙂 It’s never too early to start buying things for a new place – I’m already collecting stuff and don’t plan to have my own place for another year or so.

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