On the Hunt


Wow- I have been a very lazy blogger as of late. I do apologize for not filling you in on all the glorious happenings in my day-to-day life, but I had to spend more time living it than talking about it.

I just back to Vancouver last night as I’ve been house hunting- and I think I may have found a spot which is brilliant! The location is insane, it’s two blogs from a place where I can join a running clinic, 3 blocks from the yoga studio I like to practice at in Victoria, 4 blocks from the beach and is located on two major bus routes.  I’ll have the master bedroom with a walk-in closet and my own bathroom.  Front porch, back porch- I’m in heaven, and I haven’t even mentioned the ensuite laundry!

I graduate from University July 16, and that date can’t come soon enough.  I have a three week break coming up in 2 weeks, where I’ll be road tripping to Seattle to meet one of my girlfriends (the one with the brain tumor is coming out to Seattle and we’re going to do a Trifecta Trip- Seattle, Van, and Victoria). I have a lot to be excited for in my life right now.  2010 has been a good year, and will hopefully continue to be good.

Now I need your help- I’m looking for work in Vancouver- I’ve got a few job interviews lined up, but nothing solid. I’d rather not serve after 7 years in University, but will bite the bullet if I have to.  What I need to learn after 7 years of University is how to brag, and brag in a way that people see how good I am, not how cocky I am.

So I looked up how to pitch myself- and this is what I’ve got: 10 Steps to Pitching yourself (source)

  1. Write Down Your Accomplishments
    Start by writing down your top five work or academic accomplishments. If you don’t have much work experience or are still studying, start with your highest educational qualification or most recent job, and state what your career goal is.
  2. Describe Them
    Describe each accomplishment. State what the situation was, what you did, and the results.
  3. Narrow Down
    Narrow down each accomplishment to a single statement. Use action verbs like I achieved…, I led…, I created…, I developed…
  4. Analyze That
    Analyze what you’ve written. Do your top accomplishments reflect a theme or specialty? Are you all about growth, customer focus, sales excellence, product innovation, etc.? Take those statements that share the same theme, and again, combine them into a single statement.
  5. Highlight Yourself
    Pick the statement that says the most about you and what you want to be, and make it the highlight of your pitch, right after your introduction. Don’t use industry jargon, as chances are the person you’re talking to may not be familiar with your field. If you confuse them, you won’t impress them.
  6. Closing Pitch
    Close out your pitch with a clear request for a time to follow up.
  7. Read Out Loud
    Read your pitch out loud in a natural tone of voice and speed (don’t rush!) and time yourself to make sure it is under 30 seconds. Edit out unnecessary words if you have to, read again, and revise again until it sounds right.
  8. Practice, Practice, Practice
    Rehearse so that you don’t sound like you rehearsed. Practice saying your elevator pitch out loud, first to yourself; when you’re comfortable with it, practise it on family and friends, and ask them for feedback on the content and your performance.
  9. Master Your Key Points
    Focus on mastering the key points of your elevator pitch, rather than memorizing a fixed script. That way, it’s easier to customize it to suit the situation and the person you’re talking to, and you’ll sound more natural too.
  10. Deliver with Confidence
    Deliver your pitch in a confident manner. Look the other person in the eye, smile (but don’t grin), and offer a firm handshake – always be the first to do so to demonstrate your initiative.

How are you with selling yourself for jobs? Do you have a technique that manages you to land the job? Any tips for me as someone looking for work?

Because I’m in communications, there’s a lot of work in the prospective industry I want to go into.  I’ve been lucky that I chose an area that people need regardless of the recession, but I could still use your help in landing something- so please, give me your advice!


7 thoughts on “On the Hunt

  1. since im an unemployed student i offer no help. but can i at least say how exciting this news is! seems like uve got a good spot so fingers crossed everything works out!!! Good luck with the job hunt too .. i mean 7 years of University BETTER PAY OFF!! they better pay u dang good 🙂

  2. Hey, lots of excitement going on! Your potential apartment sounds great!

    I think honesty and confidence are definitely key to job interviews. Make sure to ask questions and stay engaged! As my Dad always said (to much snickering): Be interested and interesting! 🙂

    Good luck, lady!

  3. Now some interviews are what they call ‘behavioural interviews’. Usually larger companies and are based on the premise that past behaviour is a predictor of future behaviour. So they want to know specifically what actions you took to demonstrate a particular competency they’re interested in (e.g. team work, analytical skills, communication planning). One way to prepare is to use the S.T.A.R. method. Here is an example for demonstrating communication planning skills–

    S=Scenario –Describe briefly what the scenario is. “I was working for a company in that was in the midst of a reorganization, and the Sr. Manager of Marketing position was actually vacant at that time”

    T=Task –Describe what your role was. “I was working as a Marketing Coordinator where my job was to coordinate their annual conference including chairing the planning committee, writing press releases, media relations, .

    A=Action –Make sure you focus on what you did vs. talking about “we did” etc. “Since my role was was to essentially plan, implement and evaluate the conference I approached this task by doing the following:
    –Applied project management principles –I identified all of the peices of work, milestones and resources required for the project. Microsoft Office was a key tool I used to create a task list and Gaant chart.
    –I used the R.A.C.E. approach as a communication planning framework…
    –I put together a conference planning team via consultation with the Acting Sr. Mngr

    R- Results –What were the results/outcomes of your actions? “As a result, the conference was completed on budget, the evaluation results showed a rating of 90% satisfaction rating for each presenter and 92% overall satisfaction with the conference”. Use measurable stats when possible.

    Hope that helps! You can prepare in advance by writing this out for the key areas people are asked questions about (i.e. team work, priority setting, managing/leading, taking initiative, customer service etc).

    Best of success and yeah, almost finished school!

  4. That house sounds amazing!!

    I have a job interview tomorrow and I’m pretty nervous. I suck at pitching myself, but thanks for the tips!

  5. wow! that place sounds really fabulous — i hope it works out!!

    as far as job interviews, i definitely practice things i might say and think of positive examples to showcase beforehand, so i never feel stumped.

    also, someone told me once to think of a job interview not as a test, but as a field trip. you should be excited and curious, and if things dont go well, then you probably didnt click well with the job/people and wouldnt be happy there in the long run anyway!!!

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