B is For..

Breakfast! The most important meal of the day! And probably my favorite time of day.  I get to sit around, read through my emails, the news paper, drink a pot of coffee and eat whatever delicious thing I’ve decided to start nourishing my body with for the day.

This morning I woke up and went for a great run, I managed to get the beach in, the forest and some hills. I had planned on running hill repeats, but once I got out there, I didn’t feel like repeating anything, so I listened to my body and did what it felt.

I then came home, a little later then I would have liked to try something completely new.  A little bird once told me I should try making my oats in the morning with coffee.  So what did I do? I tried to jazz it up with a little chocolate soy protein in hopes of making some mocha oats. Results?! The fruit and yogurt dish you see above- it was an epic fail on my part.  If you have something that has worked in the past involving coffee in your oats- tell me! I want to know! This round for me was just far too bitter!

Do you guys ever skip breakfast? I try to make sure I eat it every day within a couple hours of waking up (depending on my workout schedule), because it’s important.  Why is it so important you ask?

I’ve done some research and here’s 10 reasons why you need to be eating your oats (or whatever) in the morning:

  1. Break the fast. Ever think of what “breakfast” means? Your body responds to not eating for hours and hours by slowing down its metabolic rate. By eating breakfast, you wake up your metabolism and get your engine humming, burning those calories you need to burn to lose weight.
  2. Eat more, weigh less. Researchers have repeatedly shown that people who eat breakfast have a better chance of losing weight, and keeping it off! When you skip meals you’re so hungry by lunchtime you eat the entire cow! Research carried out at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh has shown that eating breakfast cereal in the morning helps aid weight loss.
  3. Are you interested in doing better at work and school? Don’t be a bed head… breakfast helps you wake up. Studies show that people who eat breakfast are more alert and do better on tests than people who skip breakfast. Conversely, a hungry child can be apathetic, disinterested and irritable when confronted with difficult tasks. Breakfast is the key. No doubt adults need breakfast as much as kids do.
  4. Breakfast is your chance to eat the foods you may not eat the rest of the day. You can have whole-grain cereal and berries with non-fat milk – here is your fibre, folic acid and calcium in one easy-to-grab bowl. Low-carbers need to go very easy on grains, so opt for the highest-fibre brand you can find. However, why not indulge instead in the typical eggs and bacon breakfast most other eating plans frown upon?
  5. Skipping breakfast makes you grouchy. Studies show that people who eat breakfast tend to be in better moods. Breakfast gets you started on the right track for the day. If you start out with a healthy breakfast, then you set the mood for lunch. You’re more likely to choose something reasonable for lunch if you’ve paid some attention to your breakfast choices.
  6. Cancel the Danish or sugared doughnut first thing in the morning – they cause a blood sugar dip a couple of hours later. You’ll be desperate for something to perk you up, and are more likely to grab another high-sugar refined carb for a quick sugar rush.
  7. Breakfast makes your machine run better. Get yourself on a schedule with a healthy breakfast, and you’re ready to take on the world.
  8. If you’re a parent, set a good example. By skipping breakfast, your kids will think it’s not important. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a big affair, but don’t wimp out… make it a habit, and your kids will be way ahead of the game too.
  9. Don’t eat dessert for breakfast. If you think a cereal bar with 30 grams of sugar is a breakfast item, then think again. Some cereal bars contain nearly as much sugar and fat as a regular chocolate bar.
  10. One more word about labels… if it says “nutritious”, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. Cereal manafacturers are experts in marketing, using words that send a message of health, but unless you read the labels, eat at your own risk. Kids’ cereals often have more sugar than sweets. Protect your kids from getting hooked on these cereals… they’ll get used to all the sugar, and will want only pre-sweetened cereals. (source)

Will you throw out an entire breakfast if it’s not going to tickle your fancy at the start of the day? Or do you eat it and try harder next time!?


7 thoughts on “B is For..

  1. I think that breakfast could very well be my favorite meal of the day! I usually will struggle through a less than stellar breakfast. I should probably just start new, but I have trouble with feeling like I’ve wasted food.

  2. I never skip breakfast unless I’m going to have an early lunch and I woke up late.

    I’ve never put coffee in my oats. It does seem like it would be kind of bitter…

  3. i dont think i could ever skip breakfast. as a kid i never ate it tho cuz i got nauseous.. so when i started eating breakfast cuz i was told it was better.. i got nauseous but had to adjust..now i LOVE IT! lunch is still my biggest meal i think.. but brekkie is my favorite! yay for the beach! we’re so lucky the weather has been so nice huh!!

  4. It’s just my opinion, but coffee in your oats tastes nasty. I’ve tried it a few times, but my tastebuds aren’t down for that mixture.

    I never skip breakfast. It’s my favorite meal!

  5. i love adding a packet of swiss miss sensible sweets hot cocoa mix to my oats. each packet is 25 calories and makes it SO chocolatey! i havent even looked at the ingredients because i dont want to ruin my cocoa oats, ya know?? im sure you could sub real, genuine cocoa — a little bit of that stuff goes a long way!!

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