Hello Tuesday

This week is flying by- here’s a little look into what my Monday looked like…

A delicious salad with some hummus and a pear..!

And the grand finale- Curried Quinoa! Who knew this could be made by just adding 2T of curry powder to the water and then adding a sprinkle of All Spice and Raisins- I was in heaven (still am as it was featured in my lunch today!)

I’ve been insanely busy with school- I have two weeks left in this semester, so have been focusing more on readings then I have been on blog commenting..

Here’s some that you should check out if you haven’t already:

Susan’s Refined Sugar 101

Kelsey’s Yoga for Hamstrings

Angela’s How To Get Your Endurance Back

Emily’s Fun with Quinoa

Camilla’s “Uber” Healthy Granola

Hope your Tuesday is as sunny and wonderful as mine has been!

Have you found anything great in the blogging world that I need to hear about? I’m always looking for new people to check out!


4 thoughts on “Hello Tuesday

  1. 2 more weeks! wow yay! so close:)

    mmm curried quinoa….drooool! so glad u threw some raisins in- i think quinoa with raisins tastes great! reminds me of the quinoa salad they have at planet organic- it literally tastes like chinese food lol. yum

  2. Hang in there lady, you’re almost there!

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I need to try curried quinoa – it sounds delicious, especially with raisins. 🙂

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