Marathon Day Re-Cap

This was my Sunday- in a nutshell.

5am- Wake up- text Liz- I didn’t have the best sleep, but I don’t know who does when they have to run 42.2km the next morning

5.30am- Make ridiculously strong coffee, eat 2 pieces of spelt toast with banana and peanut butter, limit myself to one glass of water so I don’t have to pee a million times before my race.

6.30am- Get picked up and head to downtown Vancouver to meet my group at 7

7am- 2 members of our group don’t show up- I have to pee- the man at the coffee shop won’t let me use his washroom. Does he know who I am?! Apparently not.

7.15am- Time to make our way to the start. I still have to pee, so I ask the paramedics if I can use their porta-potty- nope. Thanks for nothing boys..

7.25am- We run off into the distance to “warm up” (or start dancing our way to our time section at the start line).  At this point we have already lost two more of our run team- It’s down to Liz and I- Fiona wanted to warm up- Liz and I figured we had 42.2km to warm up.. and warm up we did.

And then the race began.. 7.30am

7.40am- “Hey Liz, you think this is our pace?”, “No, this is definitely not our pace- we are running fast.”

7.43am- “Adj, Adj, there’s Liz (number 2) and Maya, they’re with the 3h40 bunnies!!!!”, “Oh my god, Liz, how are you feeling? Sprite? Shall we qualify for Boston this morning”.. “When in Rome”.

7.55am- We are feeling amazing- We are thanking baby J for all of this luck that we’re having.. It starts pissing rain.

8am- We’re doing 10 and 1s. Run for 10 walk for 1. Best. Idea. Ever.

8.10am- I decide that Dan and Jerry or Ben and Jerry are my heros.  I contemplate how I can marry one of them- at this point, I realize I have a lot of time to decide on which one..

8.13am- Time to Gu- Chocolate- tastes like icing and like I want to eat an entire jar of it..

8.15am- Dan runs off to kiss his wife and kid, looks like it’s Jerry- I don’t really care though- I can’t believe how great race bunnies are..

8.25am- I’m noticing how slopey Vancouver is- I had no idea, but you get the jist of it when you’re running around the entire city..

8.45am- We pass a gel station- I grab about 5. Free stuff always seems like a good idea- even when you’re running a marathon.  I didn’t like carrying them longer than 10minutes, and quickly pawned them off.

8.50am- “I am my own hero right now. I can’t believe I might qualify for Boston. I’m crazy. I’m probably one of the better things in the world.. You guys, it’s like we’re in the presence of greatness just being out here on our own..”  (Adrien).. “You should have your own TV show” said Dan, the race bunny who I love.  “Tell me about it Dan- I’m waiting for that deal”.

9am- I still have to pee. It’s gel time again- and conveniently time for a walk break.. Maya and I sprint off in search of toilets- we do not want to have to play a serious game of catch up.  While peeing I hear packages tear- Maya is eating a gu and peeing at the same time. She’s my hero. “Adrien, remember to gel.. go on without me, I’ll catch up”.. I gelled and looked ahead- my group had just gone by and there’s another slope.. fml

9.07am- I catch up to my group- I wish I’d had a walk break- this sucks.. “Hey Liz, I’m right behind you.. wooo”, “Hey Adj, Adj, How’s my ass look?!” Liz yells back, “So freaking tight Liz, it’s not even funny” I answer- it was the only answer that would have made sense.. Our two man comedy show was a hit- We finally got a reaction from the out of breath crowd-

9.20am- Half way. High fives- still can’t believe it- we’re amazing.

9.25am- a hill- who’s surprised?! Not me- this is starting to be a bit harder then I thought it would.

9.30am- Walk break.  I’ve decided the game is now- focus on the 1 minute walks- they will save me.

9.40am- “Jerry, I didn’t even WANT to qualify for Boston, I only wanted to run this thing under 4hours.. I’m going to diiieeeee”.. “A little late for that kid, we’re getting you through this”

9.45am- “I don’t even want to eat anymore- I’m full… ” (I say..) “Alright crazy talk- I can’t believe you haven’t started crying- that’s a good sign- stay with us. Drop your shoulders down and keep your eyes up, you’ve got this.”

9.50am- “Liz, go on without me.. I can’t do this”  Liz doesn’t look up, or acknowledge my slow death.. or what I thought was to be my slow death.. She’s a bitch (only temporary).

9.55am- Ok, Someone just called my name- I have to start running.. There is not much longer..

10am- Ok, time to walk

10.02- You really have to start running again- it’s not going to get any shorter..

10.03am- Ok- I can do this..

10.15am- Oh my god- there’s Terry (another from run group) and he’s walking- that means I can walk with him!

10.17am- Terry started running with me- not my plan- he’s hurting bad- I had to carry on without him (after a short walk).

10.20am- “Hi Adjy..” says my mom.. “Mom! Mom! I love you” I want to cry, but I don’t.. “Keep going honey, you’re almost there..” Oh mom- if you only knew..

10.23 to 10.40am- That guy is kind of cute- too bad he’s running behind me.. Oh so is that guy- I wish he wasn’t watching with his girlfriend.. Hello Firemen- I wish you’d seen this in the first 20k, I looked decent then.. Oh- this guy will do.. no, no he won’t- why can’t he run fasterrrr…

10.44am- Hey- there’s the guy with the bloody nipples from our group! He looks rough- I wave then shuffle on by..

10.54am- Not this F*ing bridge again.. I’m walking..

10.55am- Bloody Nipple guy (who is also Mexican) comes to my rescue- he encourages me to run up the hill.. Feeling sprite at 40k- I then take off on him- then I remembered I should probably grab his hand and drag him with me.. so I do.

10.59am- Time to walk. We made it over the bridge- I look at my watch. We have one minute, then we have to do 2 6minute kms to get under 3h45. It’s go time.

11.02am- I spot Liz- she’s about 500m ahead of me- I start yelling- she can’t hear me.

11.09am- I’m still yelling at her.. I grab Bloody Nipple’s hand again and continue to drag him along. Innocent bystander, “Get a room!”, me, “I don’t even know this guy..” I don’t want to be affiliated with anyone having blood streaming from their nipples on their white shirt.. This hug after is going to be awkward.

11.11am- “LIZ, LIZZZZ, LIZZZZ”… “Mom, Hi! I can’t get herr..”


“Liz, I’ve been F*ing yelling at you for ages, oh my goooddd…. shit! Look at the time- let’s go get 3h45.. quick, grab my hand let’s do this… ”

11.15am- We did it alright..

11.59am- The Jager Bomb goes down- Soberly for the first time in both of our lives…

Big shout out to our support crew- Carrie, Chris, Maureen, Kathy, Murray, Tracy, Graham, Jack, Ali, Chantelle, and everyone else who was out there! We love you!


10 thoughts on “Marathon Day Re-Cap

  1. Amazing recap… very accurate… I’ll never leave you alone to run with a man with bloody nipples EVER again!

  2. haha managed to read the recap all through.. well it wasent hard because it was so freaking funny. i wish i could have seen bloody nipple man. o my.. yes..akward hug…

    love ur mom was ur cheerleader. ❤
    congrats on such an accomplishment!!!


  3. Congrats! You totally kicked ass! I love how you cussing during the race. haha. You sound just like me. How did your hug go with the bloody nipple guy? ewww! Did you let him know, he might want to try bandaids next time? hehe

  4. That was seriously the most entertaining race recap I have ever read!

    Congrats girl….well deserved jager bombs! I prefer grape bombs.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS GORGEOUS! I loved your play by play! You are amazing!!! That’s all I have to say! Sending you lots of LOVE and REST!!

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