Marathon Weekend

My race preperation is all done.  All I have to do is eat my carbs and run my own race. Easy, right?!

I’ll let you know that tomorrow..

This week has been insane. It’s been filled with both writing papers, not writing papers, drinking expensive vodka, not drinking expensive vodka, and I’m kind of loving it. Remember that time I told you that I was having a good streak of days? Well, they just keep on coming and I’m not quite sure why I deserve them.  My whole state of mind has relaxed and I’m just kind of letting life happen and riding waves of randomness that flow throughout it.  Things that sound fun, and sometimes a bit irrespsonsible- I do them. Things that sound like it’s going to be a pain in my ass? I don’t.

It’s as simple as that, and I’m lucky because I haven’t had to deny to many pains in my behind.

Anyways, just wanted to write a quick note on marathon weekend- brag about how great my life is, and how lucky I am for that (hahahah). Hope everyone has a brilliant weeknd, I will be back to commenting on Tuesday- The smell of coffee is dragging me far far away from this computer!

Here are some race day tips from the infamous John Stanton (Founder of the Running Room):

  • bag for your race gear
  • Training shoes
  • Technical shorts to keep you dry and chafe -free
  • Cool max Shirt for comfort, wind and sun protection
  • Cool max cap
  • Cool max double layer socks
  • Body Glide prevents chafing insides of legs, under the arms, on woman’s bra line
  • Liquid bandage to cover any blister
  • Water bottle drink before, during and post race
  • Race number and a timing chip. The number is for photo identification the chip is for your official time
  • A smile for the finish line!
  • Things can happen that you do not expect and are out of your control. Deal with it. Stay relaxed and in control of your best performance.

I don’t know what’s more important- smiling at the finish line or body glide for chafing- I guess both- but the smile at the finish line is what goes on camera forever! haha

Have you guys signed up for any races this summer? Who’s training for what? I want to know!

Here are some eats from the last week that I haven’t been sharing and are on my computer- so guess what?! You get to see them.. lucky ducks!

goat yog mess breakky bluebs and mango
another vegan lunch- salad, veg and canelli beans
heaven in a lunch- mango, spinach, canelli beans, pumpkin seeds
Egg Scramble with Mango- and chips on top

And I’m out! Happy Saturday- Until tomorrow (when I’m bragging some more.. hahah)


10 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend

  1. Good luck!!

    I don’t have any upcoming races except the Sun Run but I plan to start signing up for some more. 😀

  2. GOOD LUCK SWEETIE! I’LL BE THINKING OF YOU AND SENDING YOU ‘ENERGY’ AND ‘PERSERVERANCE’ VIBES! You are so inspiring and should feel so proud of yourself! BRAG AWAY! You deserve it! xoxoxo B

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