It Could Be Over..

There are three days left to this detox- and to be totally honest, I don’t think going three days on, one day off is truly “detoxing”. I’m still taking the supplements, and have been cutting down my sugar by quite a bit, but I’m not sure what I’ve been doing the last 9 days counts … More It Could Be Over..


This is a little late, but I guess a little late is better than never?! Maybe.. you tell me! I got up with every intention of going to run club, I’d had my coffee, drank my water, put on my gear, gotten in the car and had made it about five minutes down the road.. … More Yesterday-

Behold! Bejeweled Oats

That’s what those are going to be called from now on in my posts. Why are those raspberries jewels?! Probably because there’s $5 worth in that bowl (unless you get them at my corner store, then it’s only $2.50- most people don’t know that). I’m graduating from university in 6 weeks.  I’m taking over the … More Behold! Bejeweled Oats

Halfway There!

I’m halfway through my cheating detox! Cheating? you ask, well, that’s because I haven’t exactly been following all the rules, you see.  I’m not supposed to have all egg whites, but when it came down to lunch time today (after 40minutes on the elliptical and 20minutes of weights, and an hour of hot yoga), I … More Halfway There!

It’s Raining

I guess that means it’ll be a good day to get a paper finished.  I was considering going to class today, but I weighed the pros and cons of the situation and decided there really is no point when I could have the paper for that class written and submitted by the end of the … More It’s Raining

Are we done yet?!

2 days until school is finally out! We spent the entire day working through presentations that we’ve been working on for the whole semester- I was inside a classroom for seven and a half hours today. Needless to say I’m happy that I escaped. This morning I had the hardest time getting going- I felt … More Are we done yet?!