Oh the Salads I’ve been eating

I haven’t really been up to much as of late. I’m having oatmeal for breakfast, doing my workouts as ordered by the training plan and getting in yoga when it feels like I need a good stretch.  One thing that has changed, however is that I’m making a conscious effort to transfer my meat eating into a more flexatarian style of eating.

I don’t want to quit meat. There’s a lot I’d be missing out on if I did, but I’m willing to make more ethical choices around my meat consumption which will hopefully have an impact on the world around me- especially if more people get on board.  The salad above actually has organic chicken.  Organic? Ethically raised? Count. me. in.  If I actually stick to my guns on this, I know that my family will have to become more conscious of this, especially if they want me around for family dinners, and who doesn’t want that!?

So my lunches are starting to look a lot more like the one above. Loaded with chickpeas, meat and dairy free. All good in the neighborhood- It doesn’t really hurt that I’m eating a ton more veggies on this new system I’ve got myself on, that’s for sure.

Do you meat eaters ever toy with the idea of going veg? Or vegetarians and vegans, do you ever toy with the idea of eating ethically raised meat? And what’s your position on eggs? So many questions for people when they make their food choices.

To help answer a couple questions of foods you could consider eating organic- here’s a list of 15:

  1. Meat- Hormones, chemicals, enough said.
  2. Milk- Pesticide filled with man made chemicals
  3. Coffee- Chances are you’re not washing your beans before drinking them, step it up again and make it Fair Trade- that’s a whole other topic (check out black gold)
  4. Peaches- They have very thin skins and use lot’s of pesticides to keep them looking as delicious as they do
  5. Apples- Washing them with water and even scrubbing them doesn’t take the pesticides off the skin, and chances are high you’re eating the skin. This may also be a shock but buffing them or blowing on them doesn’t work either
  6. Bell Peppers- Heavily sprayed with insecticides and like peaches, they have a very thin skin
  7. Celery- It has no protective skin keeping the chemicals out- you’re just eating them
  8. Nectarines- 26 different pesticides have been found to be used on nectarines (enough said)
  9. Strawberries- If they’re not in season, often times the countries importing them have less strict pesticide regulations, making them little fruits of poison, delicious, but poisonous.
  10. Cherries- Don’t eat them locally (American crew)- The American cherries had 3x more pesticide residue than those that were imported
  11. Kale (who knew?!)- Very high amounts of pesticide residue, and as we’re learning, simply washing it with water doesn’t do the trick
  12. Leafy Greens- Often contaminated with the strongest pesticides used on our food. Those leaves aren’t staying that beautiful without the damage control
  13. Grapes- You can see the pesticide residue on them when you buy them- and you can’t wash the pesticides off grapes- the skin again is so thin
  14. Carrots- Europe is looking to ban the pesticides used on parsnips and carrots within the next decade- the governments in North America? It hasn’t crossed their minds yet
  15. Pears- Insects that eat pears are becoming resilient to the pesticides used- that means more pesticides for us, not good

A little something to think about as you’re shopping for produce. You don’t have to buy all organic, but making an effort to make the small changes could change a lot in our world.


13 thoughts on “Oh the Salads I’ve been eating

  1. Great post! I do sometimes think about possibly eating organic, ethically raised chicken, but I’m usually quite happy being a veg-head. I do try to be conscious of organic vegetables but it becomes interesting in the summer when the farmer’s market is in town. Last year I felt strange asking about their pesticide use, but I think I’m going to bit the bullet this year. Its important to be informed! 🙂

    Oh, and eggs! I find them kind of confusing: Cage free, organic, vegetarian fed – so many choices!

  2. Chickpeas do wonders for a salad! Especially “pounds” of them 🙂 I don’t think I could ever give up meat either but think it’s important to understand where your meats come from!

  3. I love this! I was a vegetarian for about 6 months, but now I have meat occasionally and try to only eat local, organic meat.

  4. i was vegan for almost 3 years.. then switched to organic ethically raised meats and eggs. my life is so much better. but i always eat vegan food too. mix of both worlds is a good balance.

    love ur salads girlie!!! especially with chickpeas! yummers!

    i agree.. organic when u can is the best goal! ❤

  5. fab post lady I have only just started eating meat again in the last coupe of months and try to eat organic when I do but I have to say I’m loving the meat these days! x x

  6. I’m a strict vegetarian but I definitely play around with the idea of consuming animal products again. Will I do it? I have no idea but what I DO know is that if those things ever cross my lips again, they’ll be organic from cruelty-free sources.

  7. I consider going vegan all the time. I could easily give up dairy, I don’t like cheese and I could easily drink almond/soy milk. But honestly it just doesn’t seem practical. I don’t have any real passionate reason to do so – so I probably won’t.

    great produce tips!

  8. I love to be reminded of the list of foods that are good to buy organically. I don’t buy a whole lot of organic (because I am on a tight budget), but the things that are important I try to choose organic.

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