Glamour Shots &Tapering

Morning oats- why I take photos when they look like this?! I have no clue.

My oats never look delicious in the morning, for the record, they do taste delicious. 

There are 6 days between me and my marathon. I have done the training, I’ve been yogaing like it’s my job to take care of my (still sore) knee, and I have my outfit picked out (lululemon should sponsor me, but I’m still waiting for that call). Apparently there is nothing more I can do, and all I want to do is work harder this week.  My run this morning was 32minutes, not at an easy pace like it should have been, but I stuck with the time which I felt was good enough.  I have a hard time with tapering, which just so happens to be the most important part of “racing””. 

 And this my dear friends, is why:

  1.  It’s important to realize that in the last month it is virtually impossible to get any fitter for your marathon race day. That is why it is important to have your training sessions `peak’ 3-4 weeks before your actual race day and then taper your training. The idea here should be to decrease your training sessions by around 25% per week during the taper period. That includes the training you do on your longer runs.
  2. Although you will feel like pushing yourself harder during the remaining month, you should do the exact opposite.
  3. Your main aim should be on resting your body. In that time your muscles are repairing all the tiny amounts of damage that are done each time you go for a run.
  4. Your glycogen stores, which are where you store your energy in your muscles, are being refilled to their maximum.
  5. You should also use this taper period to catch up on sleep. The ideal way is to simulate your sleep pattern you want on your race day such as going to bed early and waking up 3-4 hours before your race. The more rest you can get, the more energized your body will be for your race day.

So, although I didn’t have April goals- I have last week of April goals and those happen to be them. I need to relax and I need to allow my body to rest, knowing that I’ve done what I can do and my body (and legs) need to be rested and good to go come Sunday (tiny fist pump- so excited and nervous!).

Hope everyone’s having a great start to their week! How are you with tapering before events, or even with rest days? Do you take them, or do you take active rest days?  Rest days are hard for me, I can’t lie, I prefer an active rest day (unless I’m ridiculously hungover- which could be the case next Monday morning- that and sore).


6 thoughts on “Glamour Shots &Tapering

  1. I’ve only run a 5k so I don’t have a lot of experience with tapering. It sounds very important so try your best to stick to it girl!

    I want to start getting into yoga. Are there any free online practices you would suggest?

  2. Hands down, oatmeal is always good no matter how bad it may look! Great advice on training. I have never run a marathon, nor will I ever, but I think the same holds true for all training! Good luck this week! By the way, I have not tried mochi, but it has been on my list of things to make for a while now!

  3. You need to do what you feel is right. Tapering this week for you may mean easy runs and yoga, and for some people they don’t run at all. I’m a firm believer in rest days before a big race, from experience I know it does my body good. Keep that knee in tip top shape!!

  4. I’ve never ran a marathon…or come even remotely close…but I can imagine that it would be really hard to “take it easy” when gearing up for the biggest physical challenge that you’ve ever done!! I’d love to sloooowly work up to a half marathon 🙂 At least you know you’ll look hot in your lulu lemon gear…I heart that place big time!!

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