I’m ready. Are you?

It’s time to start doing a dance floor knee bend while snapping your fingers.  The weekend is here!

What’s on for your weekend?

I bought the Brendan Brazier Thrive book- I just went for it, now that I have two other endurance events added to my summer calendar.. A Kool Half marathon in May, and the Kusam Klimb in June. Check both of them out- they’re awesome events, neither one have featured me on their course yet, but this year is their year (and they are welcome). I’ve never really had a training partner who thought it was fun to sign up for random endurance events that seem somewhat crazy to the normal person- I do now, and it’s amazing!

PB BANANA OATS w/chia and protein

Today was a productive day- I got up, went for a nice and easy 40 minute run; came home to polish off some oats and did some reading (no commenting- sorry friends) in the blogworld. I then got down to business and spent time firing off emails about work opportunities and organizing meetings- since all that was far more fun than the looming deadline for my assignment (which I just handed in).

I then got my gear together for a Baptiste inspired yoga session with lot’s of chatarungas and warriors- the instructor was pretty hot as well, which was a pleasant surprise on my Friday morning, until I realized that I hadn’t showered or changed from my run. I decided he probably wouldn’t be marrying me anytime soon, so it didn’t really matter what I smelled like and I got over it.

Lunch- entire bag of peas and two missing spelt cookies

Lunch was pretty standard, nothing exciting except for the two cookies my sister in law dropped off this morning on her way to work. I don’t know how it happened, but both of them somehow got into my mouth before I ate lunch.  Sneaky little buggers- if I can convince her to give me the recipe I will post it- and perhaps a photo of them- they were INSANE- like brownie bites, but she’s like me and always cuts the sugar and butter way down, so there’s some kind of health factor- and she never uses wheat, only brown rice flour and spelt- most of the time this is brilliant- not for chocolate cakes (as my brother could tell you).

So now what?! It’s the weekend, time to crack into my Thrive book, maybe settle in with a cuppa tea and some Oprah- I don’t know- the world is my oyster.

Do you have any big plans for the weekend? Or have you read the Thrive book? I’m really interested in it, especially after having Earth Day and knowing how we can save the world going meatless one day at a time.  Things to think about.. Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “I’m ready. Are you?

  1. Hey girl, hey! Happy weekend! I don’t even know what the Thrive book is…can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it and maybe I’ll read it myself 🙂

    I might buy a new mattress this weekend. So exciting!! haha! Well, it’ll be fun breaking it in at least 😉 Happy weekend!

  2. A Simply Bar! I think this is the first time I’ve seen them on another blog. Have you tried the other flavors?

    I’ve never read the Thrive book but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

  3. yeah, we are simply bar twins in our latest posts! and i am always all about blog reading but not commenting.. sad but true~ it is a little lazy but i get to read more blogs this way. i have been wanting to check that thrive book out!

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