Dreena- you could turn me vegan

Jillian wants my lunch- she would

Quick update from yesterday- nothing really exciting happened, I got to a little yoga, did some grocery shopping, Jillian was in my mail box, and I did a little cooking from the EDBV cookbook (again for a win).

EDBV White Bean Rosemary Soup with croutons

So easy, and delicious!

Soup was topped with that fresh basil and then served like..

Soup and Salad with some organic garlic/cheddar bread toasted like croutons

Everything that I have ever made from this cookbook (I think I’m at about 4 recipes) could turn me vegan- I swear to god, so freaking delicious!

Dreena also has a blog you can check out- so if you feel the need, check it out- she has some of her cookbook recipes on the site, and other ones that she’s been working on! Happy Vegan Thursday friends, and Earth Day!

What’s your favorite vegan recipe?!


7 thoughts on “Dreena- you could turn me vegan

  1. Hmm that’s a different soup. I don’t usually like soup, but I think I would like this! have to try it. Haha, too funny about “Jillian in your mailbox” lol.

  2. I don’t really have a favorite vegan recipe because I haven’t been doing much cooking or baking in a long time.. but I’ve like most of what I’ve tried. In my opinion, the vegan version of things is just as good as the original.

    I just bought that magazine too! Women’s Health is one of my favorites. 🙂

  3. I’ve made my way through half of ED&BV but I haven’t tried that soup! Have you tried the supercharge me cookies? It’s a favorite 😀

  4. Girl I need to cook more from ED & Bv but honestly, she uses tons of spelt flour (which is a gluten grain) OR tofu and although I have eased up on letting soy back into my life in small amts, i dont really like cooking w/ too much soy. Or onions or garlic but everytime i see you, or danielle coffeerun or any of the the other ladies cook from that book, i want it…!!

    Jillian. Your magazine. Too ironic i posted bout it! Loved your reply 🙂

    Your comment yesterday re your vegan wants to go raw after 19 days friend….i hope she succeeds with her goals that she wants for her path!


  5. I always feel like I could “go vegan” really easily, but I don’t really have a reason too. I’m not really into the ethics behind it (or at least not passionate about it) and milk and yogurt make my body feel good. However, I always make vegan recipes and think “I could do this!” – haha.

    My fave vegan recipes have got to be desserts. Probably because my favorite food group is “desserts”

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