A Day in Lieu

Bluebs, Half Banan, Goat Yog and a sprinkling of Bran Buds and HM Granola

Today is another great day in my books- I don’t know what it is, but life keeps throwing me good days- I’m hoping that I don’t get used to it, every day I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

This morning started off with my run workout which was hard to do, but felt great being done before 8.  I had a 15min warm up, then 3×10 minute intervals ran at my half marathon pace (I was probably closer to a 10k pace- I’m a cheater when it comes to pacing) with two minutes rest between and then a 15minute cool down. I was done in 1h9 and then came home and did my exercises for my knees (weak glute meds) and some abs.

Today is a brilliant day because our Marketing prof gave us the day off in lieu of Earth Day tomorrow. I’m sure there was a point to having our day off, but Earth Day is tomorrow! If the point was to get us thinking about it- he certainly did.  I’m already counting down the days to change up my training from running to adding more cycling to the mix. My Uni is about an hour ride from my house (at a good clip) and when I get out there, there’s a hill I like to ride a couple times that’s a great but burner.. oh the things I look forward to in life.

Have you got any big plans for Earth Day? I think that this year it’s a good time to start making the changes we have been avoiding for whatever reason- I know it’s easy to talk the talk, and I’m guilty of not following through with my “commitment” to the environment, but I want to be better than I have been in the past. Realistically, I want my kids to be able to see the world I’ve grown up in, and even better if their kids could as well. So what am I going to do? I’m just going to better about not being lazy when it comes to composting, recycling, turning off lights, having a meatless day in my house once a week and riding my bike more. (I think we’re lucky because coming into the summer, all this becomes so much easier- everything is easier in the summer)

Hopefully you all have a wonderful hump day! Don’t forget about Earth Day tomorrow! Have you got any plans through work or with friends? Any goals you have to help the environment?

Here’s the rest of yesterdays eats:

Lunch- veggies, pure fit bar (great vegan protein bar) and an apple

Turkey meatballs (recipe to come) on spinach with fresh, fresh bread.

8 thoughts on “A Day in Lieu

  1. I think it is great that there is a day dedicated to the Earth, but I fear that we are the only ones that will even think about it and celebrate it. I talked with my kids today on the way to school about it and we went over the things that we do now and what we can do in the future. Have a great Earth Day!

  2. Happy Earth Day! Thanks for mentioning it and making us aware. I think tonight I’m going to walk to the grocery store instead of driving. I’m going to make an effort to do that more often. 🙂

  3. I’m not really doing anything to celebrate Earth Day.. I mean, I do fairly well. My family has a compost bucket, we recycle all our bottles, I turn off any light that I deem unnecessary (drives the family crazy), I try to walk as much as possible, and I don’t eat meat or dairy. I think so far I’m doing a pretty good job and once I have my own place I’ll try even harder.

    Happy Earth Day!

  4. mmm your dinner looks really great. whole day of eats actually…my eats have been so delicious but excessive and not particularly “clean”…might need to take a page out of your daily habits!!!

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