Sneaky Tuesday

ghetto blueb muffin oats

Where did Monday go?! I somehow missed the boat on that one!

I ended up starting my day with a run, and some oats- it was a good start to my day.  I then took off to class for a little while and on my way home, I somehow ended up purchasing a new pair of black (leather) heels and some Lululemon clam diggers.  How did I end up at these spots when no such place exists on my way home?! I have no idea- but it was a sunny Monday and I deserved it.

Turkey Burger Salad

I came home to have a turkey burger salad, and sit down to write a paper. It was awesome because I was able to get my paper done, sit in the sun and chat to a friend who moved away recently and then get to a little yoga- for my fourth day in a row. Yes, I know, I’m pretty much an enlightened yogi, if you have questions about life and need an enlightened being to talk to- you can talk to me.

Shake n' Bake Chicken Salad

After yoga, I refueled with some everpure Shake n Bake chicken and spinach.  Not the healthiest, but it was readily available and I had a dance floor to hit later in the night, so I went for it.

After dinner I found a couple chocolate Easter eggs and wine to have, and then went out to 90s night at a local bar- it’s not often I go out on a Monday- especially before a presentation, but I went for it and I don’t feel to bad about that decision today- so not much lost, just a bit of sleep I will get back tonight.

1/4C Oats- Kath's Oat Pancake loaded with PB

Breakfast this morning was a lovely Oat Pancake from Kath– it kind of feels like a Sunday waking up and having a pancake, but sadly, it’s only Tuesday.

I’m off to class today, then a little hot power flow yoga.

What’s your typical post night out breakfast? Mine’s usually eggs, but since it’s a weekday I wanted to stick with my oats in some way..


6 thoughts on “Sneaky Tuesday

  1. Turkey burger salad!! Such a great idea–why didn’t I think of it?! What do you put in it? Btw, my family goes crazy on Sunday dinners too. My Mom just loves having the whole family over, and she makes a ton of stuff (and yes, vino too!). 😀

    1. Turkey burger salad was everything you’d put on a burger, in a bowl instead of a bun.. I think I may have had a corn thin or two with AB after for a little carb/phat goodness- and the burgers were just bought from a grocery store- I played the lazy card and didn’t feel like making them- or touching ground turkey with my bare hands..

  2. I love when random purchases just happen like that. It’s totally by no fault of our own. There are shopping forces greater than us mere mortals.

    90s night sounds like a BLAST!

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