Phat Salad & a Full Day of Eats

This is a bit wild- but I have the rest of my eats from today- everything (minus a piece of dark chocolate) that went past my lips, I happened to take photos of- please, stop the applause- I know, I am amazing.

We got out of school a bit early today, so maybe that’s what inspired me? I have no idea, whatever it was- I felt good about taking photos of all the eats of my day.

I got home from school today- and as Taz pointed out corn thins don’t fill her up- they didn’t fill me up either! I didn’t end up eating my simply bar- instead I had two oat cakes with a bit of AB and Jam on them before heading to the gym.  My workout was a bit uneventful- I missed my hill workout this evening because my knee has been acting up- I’m off to see a sports therapist tomorrow in hopes of getting it sorted before the marathon (which happens in 17 days).  So what did I do? I hit the elliptical and did some pretty tough intervals for 45minutes, cooled down for 10minutes on the treadmill and then after dinner tonight I got out in the sun for an hour and walked.

To say I did nothing would be a lie- but I’m still a bit bummed I missed my favorite run club workout.

Dinner tonight was a delicious salad loaded with phat (or with salmon, chickpeas, avocado and a smoked garlicy dressing with some organic garlic cheddar loaf from Wildfire Bakery)- I don’t know what else to say other then it was perfection in salad form!

After my walk- I was still a bit hungry so had about 1/2C of blueberries with 1/3C goat yog and some brad buds and granola sprinkled on top- it hit the spot- and I will be happy not to wake up with hunger pangs like I did this morning- do you ever get those?  They’re the worst!

Hope everyone’s had a happy hump day- mine has been sun filled and glorious- Spring is officially in the air and I can not get enough!


4 thoughts on “Phat Salad & a Full Day of Eats

  1. You are definitely amazing for managing to take a picture of everything you ate! I’ve tried.. and failed every time. Sometimes I get close but still, not quite there.

    Hopefully there’s nothing serious going on with your knee!

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