Somebody- Pimp my Breakfast

Oatmeal, corn thins, oatmeal, corn thins- that’s all I seem to be going back and forth with at breakfast these days.. why? I have no idea- it’s a carb, nut butter and banana combination and I cannot stop- do you find you get in breakfast ruts during the week?  The weekends for me are completely different- I go wild and usually end up with eggs on my plate- I can only dream of being that crazy during the week (pfft!)

Anyways- school is still super busy, but things seem to be under control, which for you means more readings of my daily musings which have been a bit hit and miss lately (my apologies).

There is 18 days until my marathon- actually 18 days less half an hour at this point, and other then the ridiculous 3h45 goal, I feel pretty good about it. No muscles have been acting up that can’t be controlled with a little ice, daily ib prophen and traumeel- it’s a nightly ritual that I’ve had to adapt- my knees at times have made me feel like an 80 year old man- thankfully not look like one!

I’m already starting to look at the next event that I’m going to be signing up for- there is a 23km hike/race that apparently lasts between 5 and 7 hours which could be fun- and also a couple half marathons I may or may not register for.

What are you training for this spring? I’ve always found that training for something is way more fun than training for keeping in shape- and training for something always has that same perk!

Happy Hump Day friends, here’s a sneak peak at lunch!


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