The weekend is officially over and Monday has arrived- I have no idea where the weekend has gone, but I can tell you that I did manage to have quite a bit of fun.

My friend Liz came over from Vancouver (she’s training for the marathon as well) for our long run- It was a glorious three hours of sunshine, farm land, small towns, gu and ridiculous planning.  We decided before our run that we wanted to run our marathon in 3h50.  Part way through our run though, Liz mentioned the fact that “If we’re feeling good out there, we’re just gonna have to crank it up a little bit more”, which coincided with another woman, Fiona, telling us that she wanted to run a 3h45 marathon (so she could qualify for Boston).  What did that mean to us?  Basically, we’ve decided to crank it up from the start of the race in order to get Fiona across the finish line so she can goto Boston.

Some things are apparently easier when done for other people- this happens to be one of them.  We then proceeded to tell her (she’s a Naturopath) that if and when we finished we’d be doing Jager bombs at the finish line- Fiona thought it’d be a better idea to ice our legs in the ocean. I’m pretty sure Liz and I are still voting for the Jager- in fact, I know that.

Saturday night was a big celebration night- the last night that we’ll go out before the big race (now that we’re considering ourselves legit, we need to start acting the part)- we managed to slip the fact that we’d run 3hours that day into any conversation we had- I don’t know if anyone thought it was funny- but we seemed to think it was at the time.

Sunday was a day of homework and R&R- school happens to be insane this semester, which is both good and bad- I’m hanging on to the fact that I only have 95 days left and then I will be off living life in the fast lane (or real world).

How was your weekend? Glorious?

This morning I didn’t run- my knees are a little sore, but I’m going to get to some yoga tonight I hope and really take care of my body before this “race”.  Breakkie was some oats- Lunch is a BBQ chicken salad- all good things.


8 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. So glad that you had a good (crazy) weekend. It sounds like your run was a lot of fun. 🙂

    Hang in there with school! It’ll be over before you know it.

    1. We are so on the same page- between this and the tequilla comment- I wish we could do a “healthy” blogger meet up over these little known things as grenades (the new jager bomb)!

  2. Does a sub 3h45 marathon qualify you for Boston?? I did 16 last weekend (woooo) and MT = Miso Tahini dressing. Who knew that equal parts of miso, tahini, and water could blend into such a masterpiece 🙂

    P.S. I vote Jager!!

    1. 3h45 qualifies the age category above me- my girlfriend and I met someone who wants us to run it with her to help her qualify- it probably won’t happen, but worth a shot- I’d have to run a 3h40- how is your training going?

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