Easter Dinner Round Up

I know these are a little late, but here’s what our Easter dinner looked like.. and yes, those are tequilla shots- we did end up winning the beer hunt after all-

The Winners

The Losers

Pre-Hunt Snacks (Spinach White Bean Dip)

Dinner was Home made pasta, ribs and salad

And here are the leftovers the following night- minus the turkey bean mix that my dad felt he needed

How was everyone else’s Easter? Any good stories?

I’m going to be a bit MIA this week- I have a ton of school work, work and I’m at the peak of my training right now- so the blog has moved to the back burner for a little while- I’ll do my best to be on it- but I don’t think my best will be much of anything in this department this week-

Happy Thursday!


5 thoughts on “Easter Dinner Round Up

  1. Looks like you had an awesome holiday! Its such a young crowd! I’m jealous. I’m always the youngest person at holiday gatherings by far. 🙂

    The Justin’s nut butter I tried was the maple. It was good, but it really didn’t taste that maple-y to me. I was a bit thrown by it. Do you have the small packets available to buy near you? If not, I would definitely send you some to try before you buy a jar! 🙂

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