Long Weekends Should Always Start Early

another delicious school lunch

No, no, I didn’t forget I had a blog- I remembered, and just didn’t post. Why? Oh, because I started my long weekend on a Thursday of course and here are some of the things that I’ve learned over this long weekend:

John Mayer is a million times better live then on his cd.

Michael Franti and Spearhead are brilliant openers, and I think again, better live after a drink or two then on their album- I may need to listen to their album more, but as of right now, I stand by this point.

My aunt has the ability to out drink me at John Mayer concerts- not that it was a competition- it only felt like it when she was waving empty beers in front of my face.

BC Ferries can take up to 3 hours between Vancouver and Victoria in a windstorm- and it’s not a fun 3 hours- if you’re not hungover before you get on board- you will feel like it when you land on the other side.

Dirty Martinis are simple to make at home- and equally as delicious

The gym is a wonderful place in a windstorm, and working out the day before a 2h45 run is not a good idea

Waves really do crash over the cars on Dallas Road- knocking some runners, not me, in the face with a good dose of salt (funny from inside a heated car)

It’s ok after a long run to spend 2 hours in bed, and then goto bed that night at 830pm and sleep until 730am.

Neocitrons are great in the moment, but their hangover lasts until 3pm- not great.

Easter dinner is a lot different when the whole family is out of town, but malted Easter Eggs are just as delicious

It’s ok to have a week where you have A LOT of fun and go for drinks 6 of 7 nights a week once every 3 years-sometimes you need it

I’m going to say this in advance- It’s ok to sleep for a week straight after you pretend to be 20 for a week and behave like sleep is for sissies- I am a sissy and I need my sleep.

So there you have it- a few or a lot of lessons I’ve managed to pick up along the way- this Easter long weekend has been both long, and marvelous. Tonight we have our Easter dinner which will consist of home made pasta, ribs, bunny cake and a little known thing called the Beer Hunt (the parents are still wishing we were 14 or younger- and the 6 of us 23-28 are more then happy to play along for beer).

Hope everyone has had an amazing Easter weekend.  What’s one thing you learned since the weekend began?

some eats from the weekend- eggs with onion, spinach and tomato were delux!

organic soft pretzel with PB

legendary eggs post long run that I will never forget

Easter dinner- roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies


6 thoughts on “Long Weekends Should Always Start Early

  1. Haha – one of my friends had an egg hunt at her parents’ house and won 120 dollars! Now, you with the beer! Next year, my Easter must involve such things. 🙂

  2. Haha, sounds like an awesome week! I learned that it’s totally okay to ditch an Easter dinner and just go out for sushi and a movie with your sister. Or maybe it’s not okay.. but regardless, it was done.

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