Oats, They’re What’s for Breakfast

I like a 1/4C of instant organic oats with 1T PB, 1Banana, Cinnamon and half a scoop of vanilla brown rice protein powder, mixed with 1/2C boiled water- sometimes a tiny bit more.

Oatmeal has somehow turned into the rock in my life- or the breakfast rock in my life.  It’s always there through the tough times, and the good times, keeping me full into the late hours of the morning.  I used to despise it- then January rolled around and I thought to myself- I need a healthier breakfast- not that my breakfasts weren’t healthy- they were just never consistent- I was always having to guess what they’d do next- a girl can’t have that in her life- enter oats.

Oats have been a health food staple since the days of the early health nuts and freaks alike.  But why?

  1. Oatmeal can help you lower cholesterol with it’s glorious fiber helping to remove LDL (the bad cholesterol)
  2. The fiber again- keep the glycemic index nice and low, controlling blood sugar levels (cravings) and helping to control weight .
  3. Oats are a cupboard staple- most kitchens in north america have them- they may not eat them upon waking (perhaps in a cookie), but they’re there (like a rock).
  4. Oatmeal can reduce the risk of certain cancers (fiber has been linked to helping prevent breast cancer)
  5. Oats are a good source of protein, not to mention nutrients like Vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron and magnesium.
  6. Oats are clean- all the ones you find in a grocery store, organic or not, are in their natural state (boo ya)
  7. Oats are carbs- Runners (endurance) in particular should be eating 50% carbs (source)- they need the instant fuel in order to do the kind of training they do.
  8. Oats (and carbs alike) help to keep the brain functioning at an optimum level- a diet low in carbs will cut back on brain function- those of us having suffered from an eating disorder know how the attention span gets shorter and shorter at a rapid pace.
  9. Oats help to prevent heart disease- those who eat them are less likely to develop heart disease (thumbs up)
  10. Oats are easy- and you can mix just about anything with them (even mustard- for those weirdo savory people- not judging- jealous I haven’t tried it yet)

I’m pretty sure this list could go on and on.

Sometimes I eat healthy foods and I don’t always know why they’re healthy- I’m going to do my best, not only to educate myself, but others as well on why we are eating what we’re eating.

What have you heard about oats and why they’re so good for you? How do you like to eat them? Have you blended your grains? Thrown an egg in perhaps?  Time for sharing.. !

Happy Vegan Vednesday Friends- Check out why I do it, here.


9 thoughts on “Oats, They’re What’s for Breakfast

  1. I love learning about why foods are healthy 🙂

    I can remember when I discovered that an oat didn’t actually come out of the ground looking like what was in the package lol

  2. This is a great idea! Its so easy to get into a routine and forget why the foods you’re eating are good for you.

    I have mixed oats with oat bran but I stay pretty traditional – milk and nanner with some type of nut or nut butter. Oh wait! I completely forgot about baked oatmeal. Which is DELICIOUS!

  3. I love how versatile oats are. Sadly, I didn’t eat them even a year ago. I can’t believe I went so long without them!

  4. I’m a fan of the cottage cheese oats as well! I also like mixing in pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice, topped with almond milk. Or cocoa powder with pb, mmm

  5. Hi there!! I just found your blog, and just in time for one of the things i crave the most when i’m on vacation!! oats!!! I love topping mine with random things, though not that creative…from yogurt to ice-cream to cereal and peanut butter. I’ve done it all. 🙂 Yummy every time!!

  6. I like that you want to educate yourself on WHY foods are healthy instead of just accepting that for some reason, they are. This makes me want to make more of an effort to be more aware. 🙂

    Right now I’m pretty boring with my oats – wild oats cooked in soy milk and topped with cinnamon and allspice. Sometimes I’ll cook in an apple, sometimes a banana, sometimes nothing. Eventually I’ll make it more interesting but this is what I’m currently happy with so I’m sticking with it.

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