New School Lunches

Egg Poof: 1 whole egg, 1/3C egg whites, 1T ketchup

Hello Egg Poof- I could not decide what to eat this morning, but I thought I could use some egg in my life- needless to say- the egg poof delivered.  Easiest clean up of my life- into the dishwasher all the dishes went! [For those of you who do not know, and egg poof is basically microwaved eggs- they poof up at about 2 minutes or so- just spray a bowl with cooking spray, crack and egg or egg whites into it, and toss ‘er in. Surprisingly delicious!]

lunch: turkey wrap, pear, carrots and simply bar

I just want to give a shout out to Jamie Oliver for his new show that has just started in the States.  For those of you who didn’t see the Oprah special- he was at a school where they were serving kids pizza, not even good pizza, the over processed unfortunate pizza that would offend an Italian.  I’m so happy that someone is coming forward and bringing this to the attention of the population at large.

I always think everyone lives the way I do- I’m pretty sure we all think that, but the truth of the matter is, us in the food/health/fitness blogosphere are not the norm.  We probably surround ourselves with people who have similar habits, making the reality of the situation in most North American homes further away then what it really is.

I’m so happy that someone is coming forward and not pushing a low carb/high fat or high protein/low fat anything.  Someone is coming forward to the masses and pushing the fact that you need to be knowledgeable and balanced and see what is actually being put into your body.  If you want chips- great- make them.  It was Michael Pollan who said he loves chips and burgers, but the reality of making it and the time it takes to cook everything up from scratch will only happen once a month. For some of us lazier then him- probably less.

How do you feel about this New Food Movement? Does it surprise you to see what people are eating and feeding their children? Were you aware that it was as bad as it is?

snack: salad with avocado (post run)

Dinner for me yesterday was a steak and cake dinner (my brother’s birthday)- everything made from scratch, vegan caesar salad with unvegan baked beans and I had chicken instead of steak with a tiny bit of peanut sauce (liquid gold).  For dessert we had a chocolate cake that my sister in law made- she’s a bit of a health freak as well- it was made with whole wheat and half the fat- but then eaten with ice cream- there’s no winning with birthday cake.  No modified oil products in this dinner- no ingredients you can’t pronounce- Jamie Oliver would approve (and Oprah, but I don’t want to drop too many names).

Do you make a conscious effort to be able to read all the ingredients on the package all the time? Or just most of the time? I’m a most of the time girl- to be honest- I love those random nut mixes and I doubt I could pronounce half the ingredients on that list- not to mention wax products used in chocolate covered ju jubes. Sharing is caring- I care!

Happy Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “New School Lunches

  1. Being on a restrictive diet to control Crohn’s Disease, I have become all too aware of the junk people are swallowing these days. If they’d only read labels, maybe they’d actually stop buying unhealthy foods!

  2. You know….this is a great point. I, too, find it ah-mazing when people have no clue about health and fitness. But, you’re right. Most folks don’t understand and it’s sad. Great blog, btw! Just found you 🙂

  3. ” Someone is coming forward to the masses and pushing the fact that you need to be knowledgeable and balanced and see what is actually being put into your body. ”


    michael pollan, chips. yes had read that as well.

    as bad as it is??! YES its awful!!!!!!!! Being a mom on the playground watching what other moms, even “educated” moms who should really know better…it disgusts me. It’s horrific that processed yogurt in a tube and processed white flour snacks are passing for food these days.

  4. I’m so bummed I missed Jamie Oliver’s show! It’s so true about bloggers- our norm is totallyyyy different from the rest of America’s. Sometimes things look a little skewed

  5. Very true about bloggers thinking everyone eats like them. I also think many bloggers are health snobs and look down on others who don’t eat like them (making fun of them in blog posts etc…). I think bloggers have a unique forum to educate people and I wish more took advantage of it. Jamie is doing a great thing!

  6. I love Jamie Oliver! He has done really well with the kids schools here in England, I totally agree here on the blogs we’re in a different world of eating well and caring about whats in our food but we are few and far between. My friends think I’m kinda crazy with all the foods I eat thats why I’m so glad I started my blog and found others that are the same as me! x x

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