Ze Vegany Aftahnuun of Vednesday

Ohhh geeze, looks like I got caught up in ze life I vas leading and forgot to post my vegany eats- for all you vondering, “Did she participate in ze Vegan Vednesday she so often celebrates on zis blog?” Ze answer to zat question is jah, jah she did.

Ze Vegan Vednesday eats had ze salad and ze tofu, vis some tahini dressing zat I made up and vas delicious, jah.

Tahini Dressing:

1/4C Tahini
1/4C Water
1 clove of garlic
1/4C Freeze Dried Parsley (you can use fresh on these- probably would taste even better)
2T Freeze Dried Basil
Salt and Pepper to taste

Fire all of zis into your blender, food processor, magic bullet and give it a whirl.  Results- delicious Vegan dressing, jah.

After eating my delicious salad at lunch vis my non-vegan eating friends, jah, I zen snacked on a pear and a plum until it was time to go get my eyebrows waxed- I had ze little rain forest growing on my noggen, you know? So I decided to do somezing about zem and I took care of zem- zey are amazing now.

Ze run clinic vas a long one, it vas like a 20minute varm up, 6 x1000m at a 10km tempo pace and zen a 20minute cool down.  By ze end of it, I vas really feeling it, jah- I feel like I’m starting to get a head cold as vell, vich does not help vis ze running.

Aftervards I vas on a roll to go meet up vis friends, grabbed another spoon of ze nuttah buttah and some corn thin sammies vith a plum and ran out ze door- yesterday vas just a busy, busy day- vis apparently not time for zis post.

Happy Vegan Thursday to those participating- I found a site zat has great info on vat going veg for one day vill do for ze world (enivronmentally). Check it out.


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