Black Out

You know those days that fly by and before you know it a month has come to an end? I’m right there- except for me, three months have passed.  I cannot believe it’s the end(ish) of March! Come on Spring..!

Woke up this morning wide awake at 5 and had to go out and  teach a little bootcamp- I have run club tonight, so didn’t need to get a workout in before class, just did a little blog reading before settling into my oats (Vegan, jah- that post is coming) to kick off my day.  They are the classic peanut butter and banana ones I’ve gotten stuck on- what’s your favorite way of eating oats? I’ve been stuck on my peanut butter, banana and protein powder combo since I started- if I like something- I have a hard time to change it up!

I’ve been to two of my four classes this semester and I’m pretty excited about what’s in store.  We’re learning how to aggregate web pages.  It’s a way of simplifying the reading process so you get maximum information in a minimum amount of time (I think), as I learn more I will fill you in- as we all know blogging is a serious time suck.

Hope everyone has a great day- I’m off for now for a very sveedish day of veganism on a Vednesday.

Here are my eats from yesterday at lunch and dinner (plus some almonds, raisins, chocolate chips and pretzels- but who wants to see that?!).

Turkey wrap (Janetha inspired) with cucumber, spinach and mustard; pear and carrots

*enter snack of a mango, almonds and raisins (not pictured)

Dinner was organic bread with avocado (woop) and chicken and bean soup (on spinach)

**Evening snack was some whole grain pretzels with chocolate chips.


8 thoughts on “Black Out

  1. I’m hooked on pumpkin oatmeal still! It hasn’t been fall for quite some time. haha!

    I need to order some protein powder so I can make your version. What are your faves? A lot of people recommend the Dessert Protein.

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