Sign Me Up ButterCup

More nut butter: Check.

Whole Eggs: Check.

More avocado: Check.

More of Averie’s coconut oil chocolate: Yessssuhhhhh!

Better Skin? Hoping so.

Fewer Sugar Cravings? Probably.

I’m getting on board with the Fatty February Challenge- two months late.  Emily and Susan have been working on this for quite some time.  Heather also ups the fat in her diet and nothing but good things have come from it.  When I was in Mexico, I ate whole eggs (sometimes three a day), at least half an avocado (probably more) each day, and eventually got some PB into mix and what happened? My boobs got bigger, my skin improved and my stomach fat shrank. I don’t really want to stop these good things from happening.

I’m going to do some more research, discover some new ways of upping my “satiety” intake and see where it takes me.  I’m looking forward to a bit of a change in my diet and hopefully a reduction in my liquor and sugar intake (I thought I’d come home to clean up my act a bit when it came to chips and booze, but apparently a handful of chips and two cesars would be my dinner for my first day back on track- my bad!).

What do you guys think of this push for fats over the blogosphere? Are you still stuck in the low fat way of life? I have a hard time getting my mind around eating fats- we’re all trained from a young age that fat is bad- I’m starting to think that I’ve been lied to.

I’m going to be putting random shots from Mexico into this weeks post- Mainly because I can!


9 thoughts on “Sign Me Up ButterCup

  1. I am a holistic nutritionist and I can tell you, it’s all about fat!!! There’s no such thing as a bad fat (unless we’re talking about trans fats – those man-made fats that are linked to all kinds of horrible things). I eat a pretty high fat diet myself, including many of the things you mentioned.
    9 weight loss

  2. I think fats are necessary to our diets. Most research proves that fact. As long as it comes from a healthy source and in the correct portion size, only good things can come from consuming yummy (healthy) fats!

  3. Fats? Yes please! I love avocados, wish more people would include the yolks when they eat eggs (I do!!), love my oatmeal or veggies drizzled with coconut oil, or EVOO, and whole milk yogurt rocks my socks! 😀

    The tat is healing up beautifully. It hasn’t peeled which rocks – probably because of my diligence of applying Aquaphor ALL THE TIME to keep it hydrated 🙂


  4. i’ve had a hard time jumping on the fats wagon. i love nut butters and avocado and even eggs but i’m not so great at the moderation part! sounds like it’s really working for you though, i might have to put in a little more effort on that front!

  5. I’m all for eating a variety of good fats in appropriate amounts. Low fat everything isn’t good. I like low fat or skim milk, but don’t want my cheese to be that way. I’ll have fat free yogurt, but want full fat mayo. Avocados are minor obsession of mine, as well as nut butters. And if I were someone who ate eggs, I’d eat the whole thing (mostly because buying just eggs whites is freakin’ expensive in comparison!).

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