Back to Reality- and Congrats Stef

Ugh- It’s Monday and 11 degrees out, sunny, but still the day ahead is filled with the start of a new semester at school, phone calls to make and meetings for volunteering.  I feel like I’ve blacked out for the last two weeks and just woke up with a tan.

It feels like it was ages ago that we were off gallivanting around Mexico- when in actual fact I got a sunburn on Saturday before the flight home and still have the tan line to prove it.

I didn’t do much this weekend, I put my life back together, organized some photos and went for a few colder walks then what I became accustom to.  I finally feel like I have my feet underneath me and am ready to take on this last semester at school.  I think it will be a bit of a zoo, but it’s 12 weeks until I have my degree and will be on my way to bigger, better things.

The winner of the Nuun Giveaway was Stef from More to Life Than Lettuce- so Stef- fire me an email with your shipping info and expect a little tube of electrolytes in your mailbox sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Did you guys have Spring Breaks? What did you get up to? I read 4 books- started a fifth as well- lot’s to fill you in on!


7 thoughts on “Back to Reality- and Congrats Stef

  1. Yuck! Hope the weather warms up there soon. Welcome back though, and hope your first day at school goes well!

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