Girls Day Vs Boys Day

Keep in mind, this is in the eyes of my father.  I’m going to justify each thing we did, or did not do.  And just so you know, it’s raining in Mexico and I’ve already ran and done some yoga, so other then books, I have nothing else to do-

Boys Day vs Girls Day (in the eyes of my father)

Boys: Up at 5:45am to go fishing Girls: Up at 7 to go to the gym for spin and yoga
Drove 3hours to Pesca Fish Lodge Walked for 3minutes to Starbucks
Boys: Almost got carsick Girls: Had siestas
Ate a hearty breakfast 2nd Starbucks Coffee
Made their own lunch Drank lunch
Paid for flies they never used Went to Walmart and bought food we won’t eat
Spend the day being laughed at by Mayans speaking Spanish Spent the day laughing at others
Improved their fly fishing Practiced their bargaining for tourist shit
Boys: Saw the coast in a way it once was Girls: Learned how to use a Spanish ATM
Saw big sting Rays Saw fat Americans in Bikinis
Spent 7 hours on our feet fishing Went on a long beach walk
Caught hermit crabs for bait Went for a swim in the ocean
Boys: Tipped Generously Girls: Stiffed a waiter who snorted in Tina’s ear

We didn’t have Siestas- we went shopping- we had a brunch- after our first coffee- when went to Walmart to buy beers, avocado and fruit (for EVERYONE)-

We did laugh at other people, let’s be honest- it’s fun to pretend we’re perfect and the people watching in Playa is too good to pass up.

We bought no tourist crap-  I really wanted to buy one of those beaded crop tops from the tourist store with tassels and saw one the first and could not find one again- I was choked, then drank a margarita and managed to get over it.

We made fun of all of the fat uber tanned men in speedos, we didn’t just laugh at leathery Americans- we’re not that bad.

We did stiff a waiter who had us at the end of our day.  We wanted margs and chips and guac.  We got margs and then harassed for not wanting to participate in shot patrol (the hoochy girl wandering around in a crop top with sex on the beach and tequila to shoot rolled her eyes at us)- we were told to be ourselves and have fun because we were on holiday- blood sugar was a little low- the waiter didn’t have to snort in Tina’s ear, but chose to- needless to say we weren’t the happiest customers.

After we reconvened at the hotel and went for some Thai food and made the mistake of ordering strawberry margs- note to all- don’t.  Food was amazing, but I somehow managed to fail at taking photos of it.  One day this week I’ll take the camera and catch ever morsel- there’s plenty of guac going around to say the least.

Happy St. Patty’s to all! Hope you’ve got your green on and beer poured!

Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway, I’ll be making the draw Sunday afternoon!

What am I missing in the blogger world?! Anything that I must see or know about?!


8 thoughts on “Girls Day Vs Boys Day

  1. haha I would definitely prefer the girl’s day. I just don’t see the appeal in fishing!

    Men in speedos… 😕

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