Hola! Mexico Part Uno

I would go into more broken Spanish- but to be completely honest- it’s tragic. I spend more time speaking English followed with a ‘gracias” then really attempting my Spanish (which is limited- due to the fact I am Canadian and went through French until 11th grade).

Needless to say I’m having a muy buenos time here in Mexico- Playa Del Carmen to be exact.  Days have been flying by faster then I can imagine and it’s tough to believe that 8 days have already gone by.

Our days this past week have been a bit insane- We got in and spent the first day exploring Playa-and heading for a run at around 11am through what seemed to be the sketchiest part of town (Garbage, pee smell, wandering dogs and dusty roads).  We followed this up with some beach time, beers on the beach, beers on the roof- a dance on a pole (my sister in law and I thinking we were quite funny with the family looking on- proud I’m sure) after a margarita for a free shot and some dinner.

Day two was a trip over to Cozumel (after a spanish lesson in Spin)- we rented scooters and went exploring the best we know how- by eating chips, drinking beer and snorkeling and swimming our way from spot to spot.   Nothing really out of the ordinary- we had to catch a boat over to Cozumel- so on the way home, we decided to grab some margs for the road- little did we know the bartender would start throwing free shots at us (again).  I’m learning a lesson here that when you say “Muy bueno” and give your drink a finger point and thumbs up- they just up your booze and before you know it- you are half cut.  (health and wellness at it’s best).

Day three we took off to Chichen Itza (or Chicken pizza as the tour guide joked) for a little cultural enlightenment and sun screen test.  The day was a long one, but once we got off the bus it was all worth it- the Ruins were amazing. It’s hard to believe that only five years ago you could walk on them- there was a couple who was on our trip who’d been there in the early 80s and have climbed on all the ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula. Pretty freaking cool.

Following the ruins we went to Valladolid and to a cenote (fresh water system of pools all underground and in caves around the Yucatan) for a swim. By the end of this trip we will have swam in about 4 centoes which is pretty amazing- another fun fact is that their temperature is the same all across the peninsula- and it’s perfectly refreshing.

Breakfasts have consisted of fruit and eggs; lunches of chips, guacamole and beer; and dinner of margaritas and fresh sea food or tacos. Life is good.  I also need to mention here that I’ve been going to a Gym, called “The Gym” here in Playa- the spin instructor is smoking hot and teaches in Spanish- I have no idea what he’s saying to me, but my sister in law and I have spent countless (that’s a lie- 3) workouts drooling over his Spanish instructions, shiny muscles covered in tattoos and long hair.  Yes- male spin instructor with tattoos- I said that right.

Hope you all have been enjoying your weeks- more to come- post cervesa! Don’t forget to checkout the giveaway for some Nuun!


11 thoughts on “Hola! Mexico Part Uno

  1. Suena como un viaje fantastico! 😀 (sounds like a fantastic trip) You could have brought me to translate for ya. 😉 What a great time though! Sexy spin classes, margaritas, fresh seafood, beach time, and historic sight seeing. Although, I had NO clue you can’t climb the ruins anymore. That makes me sad 😦

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