Welcome to the Zoo

Yesterday started out like any other day- wake up- go for my run- come home, do a little ab work- have a shower- get out of the shower- sit and read some blogs- then came the list of things do do before mexico- get flip flops (which don’t exist in march), buy some new shorts, buy shoes that I don’t need for this trip or in general, goto the book store and pick up my four books I will destroy over the next two weeks- come home….

Came home- made a little lunch (turkey taco salad with Mary’s Crackers)- ate lunch, worked on a research paper- finished my research paper– worked on my sponsor letters for volunteer- get 20 of them completed and organized to be sent off- call the organizer- book a meeting or two- call the girl who’s working for me on this project- make sure I’ll be getting letters from her so they can be sent out today- get those done- transfer files and keep on going.. until- my pedicure!

My toes are a lovely shade of coraly orange- not a color I would go for- but one that’s going to look smoking with a tan while I’m down there- all I really wanted to do yesterday afternoon was drink some wine- so what did I do after the pedicure?! Drank some wine! It’s turning out to be a pretty great pre-long run ritual.

Dinner last night was some greek chicken and greek salad- with two frozen banana slices with chocolate chips for dessert- heaven.

By the time dinner was done- I got some packing done, watched a little grays and went to sleep- because today I had a freaking mountain to climb- and by mountain I mean long run- the girl I was supposed to go with ended up bailing so I had to go on my own- I just so happened to be downloading music like a madwoman lately- so decided I was cool with the decision and that I would survive.

26km in 2h13minutes. FML was all I could think of starting that the 16 minute mark.  I’m lucky to have had on my loser belt (water) and some Cliff shot blocks- otherwise I would have been DONE FOR. It was a pretty good run- it was way too freaking long to do on my own- I can’t say that I’m looking forward to my long runs in mexico- I’m just lucky I have a fitness crazy family.  No one really likes to sit around and just tan- which works for me just fine!

Breakfast this morning was the one up above- yesterday I had a banana with lot’s of PB and then a pear mid morning after my workout then the rest of it.

I could not eat for the life of me after I got home from my run- I tried a bite of a Simply Bar- it wasn’t happening- I had a shower and it took almost longer then an hour to be able to eat.  Lunch ended up being some goat yogurt with blueberries and cereal- about an hour later I finished off the simply bar and I’m now starting to get hungry again.  I cannot even begin to tell you how relieved I am to officially be done and taking off on holidays- so relieved (understatement).

What’s the one thing you never go without on a trip? Mine has got to be face wash- I can live without my underwear- but take away my face wash and I’ll cry.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Zoo

  1. I can’t live without lotion. I can’t sleep unless there’s lotion on my feet.

    Good job tackling the run on your own, and being super productive to boot!!

  2. It’s weird…I’ve never gone on a long run with anyone. Everyone says it’s so much easier but I think I can run better solo (I get into my “zone”)

    I can never go on a trip without Clearasil Ultra. haha it’s the only thing that keeps my face clear

  3. sometimes that happens to me wto where i get home from a workout and CANT eat. weird. yay coral orange looks so good with a tan! i’m excited for you. yes, facewas is a must. i would rather go commando than go sans wash/moisturizer

  4. good eatin girl! Taco salad looks goooood! I love mary’s crackers. And did you say wine? My other favorite food group, haha. I can’t leave home for a trip without q-tips. I can’t survive without them!

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