Va-Va-Va-Voom It’s Vegan Vednesday, jahhh!

Hello my little love muffins! How vas your day, jah? I hope ze day got started off about as right as my day did, jah. I voke up and had to go teach bootcamp in ze vee hours of ze morning, jah. And I got out zere and vee ended up doing so many exercises my bum vas sore just from vatching them, jah.

I made my sore bum a pot of coffee, jah and started my day off right vis the vegan corn thins, jah and banana/AB combo, ze same as yesterday, jah.  Using ze KISS principles if you know vat I’m talking about- Keep it simple silly- oh zose teachers sure know how to make ze message stick, jah.

After ze breakfast was all digested and I had caught up on all your lovely blogs- I met my future boyfriend, Tony Horton in ze basement for a little plyo X and some ab ripper- I love Tony- he happens to be so funny- just skipping over the water and under the bridge all ze way to Grandma’s house (you know vat I’m talking about if you’ve ever done ze plyo- he’s sooo funny, jah).

Zen I showered up and had a quick pear before going and meeting a woman for an informational interview, jah.  I vas so stupid zough, because I’d driven all ze vay downtown and forgotten my vallet- zis woman who vas doing me ze favor ended up buying me a coffee- tack så mycket Maria! (zat is sank you very much is Sveedish, jah).

Lunch today vas a vegan salad vis my favorite bar of ze moment- SIMPLY- I love zem so much- and I’m not even getting paid to tell you zis- I vish I could marry one of ze bars, jah?

Zen after my lunch I did some verk and zen vent on a power walk, jah. I vas hungry by ze end of it- so snacked on some chips and ze salsa and zen decided to have some more- perhaps some chocolate after zat- you know how us Vegan Vednesday folk love our chocolate, jah?! Ohhh I just love it so much!

Dinner vas something spectacular- I made ze tofu scrambler, jah- complete vis ze black beans and ze broccoli- it vas delux- especially ven I had ze piece of bread as vell and ze salad just loaded vis ze avocado- I vant to get on board vith the fatty challenge- I love ze fats- coconut, chocolate, avocado, almond butter- vat more could I vant!??

Hope you’ve all enjoyed your Vegan Vednesday- Vegan or not- And now zat we’re done vis ze humping- vat most are you looking forward to zis weekend?!


7 thoughts on “Va-Va-Va-Voom It’s Vegan Vednesday, jahhh!

  1. “loaded vis de avocado” was my fave part of your day :). i LOVE avocados! i’m so glad i remembered to celebrate vegan vednesday! and it’s spreading like wildfire, i’be been seeing other bloggers hopping on the bandwagon!

  2. You’ve probably mentioned this before, but are your corn thins the corn version of rice cakes? Where do you get them?

    I’m really looking forward to going to Maine this weekend. It’ll be so nice to unwind with friends. Hope you have fun weekend plans!

  3. These posts always make me laugh!

    And I think its crazy how people either seem to love or hate Tony Horton. I’m a hate – he is the least favorite of any DVD instructors I’ve tried. But P90X is such a great workout I wished I loved him!

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