One of Those Days-

I woke up this morning with nothing pressing to get done- random errands before I take off to Mexico for a couple of weeks and a 45minute run (according to my run schedule).  So I got up- ate a banana with about 2T of peanut butter (I really, really was liking it this morning) and consumed a good half pot of coffee which has become standard in my day.  I don’t drink more throughout the day- but I love to get a good buzz on in the morning.

So I got up tinkered on the computer- I downloaded Vuze and have been getting my music together before taking off- I’m having a bit of a love affair with Calvin Harris and Goldfrapp right now- I listened to both of them on my run this morning- clear blue skies running along the beach- IN A TANK TOP- it’s my first run of the season to go with no sleeves- it was cooking though- I absolutely loved it.

The rest of my day I’m going to be organizing volunteer work, hopefully submitting my final paper and getting my laundry all done for the next two weeks- I’m starting to get excited- I think I will be more excited when I get on the plane and know that the only thing that’s packed is summer clothes.

Have you been to Mexico before? I’ve never been, really excited- wondering what I should do/pack and what the best thing is to eat down there? We’ve rented houses, so we’re not stuck in a resort which shall be quite nice.

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Thursday!


10 thoughts on “One of Those Days-

  1. Where are you going in Mexico? I’ve been to Ensenada and Rosarito. We stayed in little villas in Rosarito. It was so beautiful and fun. Lots of great food, I remember. You’ll have a great time 🙂

  2. Oooh I’m so jealous of your run! Sounds amazing.

    I’ve never been to “real” Mexico, only resort towns. I bet you’ll have a blast! Wish I could tag along 🙂

  3. ive never been to mexico but i need to jump the boarder — im so close!!! ahhh i will be jealous, i need a sunnin vacation. one day, sigh! ive added to the mental to do list 🙂

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