B,L&D Recap/ VV reminder

Corn thins with AB and Banan
Tuna and Crackers, with a Pear and a piece of Averie's Chocolate
Salad, Ribs and Brown Rice- I want my baby back, baby back, baby back..

This is my first full day of eats in god only knows how long- I just wanted to share with you (despite the blurry shot of dinner) the full meal deal for the day- I also had a couple corn this sammies through the day and perhaps two mini muffins from yesterday- and a couple pieces of frozen banana with Averie’s chocolate.

I’ve totally changed my appreciation for that chocolate- once you know what to expect- it’s amazing.

Today is Vegan Vednesday, jah. So I’m going to have to do a fresh post for ze day latah- I just wanted to update you on things-

And- I wanted to say thank you- you all have been so supportive while I’ve been trying to get my feet back on the ground and I couldn’t be more grateful for that- it’s always a risk to share- but worth it when I hear encouragement from people that I don’t know- so thanks.

Question of ze day: What do you do for work? I’m going to need a “career” come August and am starting to look into my options- I really want to work for West Jet (a Canadian airline) or somehow get involved in branding- don’t know how to go about it- tips and advice are welcome as well.

Happy Vednesday, Jah.


9 thoughts on “B,L&D Recap/ VV reminder

  1. aww what a great birthday girl!!
    im a student so im not realy on the career path yet 🙂 but i know God will lead you to where you need to be, girl!

  2. You don’t want my career, I’m a proposal writer. It’s fine, but not where I intended to be at this point in my life. Working for an airline sounds fun!

  3. I love banana and almond butter combo so good! I sell phones definitely not what I want to do I’m putting my career dreams into action but its a secret for now as I don’t know who reads my blog and boss cannot not be in on my plans, if you catch my drift! x x

  4. Hi sweets, I see you ate a piece of my chocolate. Good. Cuz I gave you a shoutout in my post today about Vegan Ved. I hope you saw it 🙂
    Work. I have had more jobs than you can shake a stick at. I have made alot of money, and now i make none. And i work harder at motherhood than i ever did at a job. Jobs are easy, they come and go…find one that pays the bills that you like and have as much fun as you can in all other areas of life!

  5. I’m not a chocolate person. I wish they sold bars of vanilla or white chocolate. I like those.

    I’m a full time accountant and part time student. I’m pursuing a degree in exercise science. I cannot wait to start a new career!

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